Player of the Match
Player of the Match

Australia win by 281 runs. What a performance from them. They came into the series confident, of course, after the Ashes whitewash but they have just trounced the No. 1 team in the world in four days. And it's not just the margin of victory, it's the mental scars that they have inflicted on the opposition. And, have no doubt, there will be some regardless of the quality in the South Africa team. This has been a humbling. As zcfoutkast puts it: "Battered, bruised, embarrassed!" I will stick around to bring you the presentation ceremony.

So many issues for South Africa to face, just as happened to England in Brisbane a few months ago. But they are at home. It really has been a phenomenal match for the way Australia have dominated. Only when they were 98 for 4 - not an unusual position for them - were they in any trouble. And it's not just about Johnson (even if it mostly is). Don't forget Marsh, or Smith, or Doolan, or Warner or the support from the other bowlers. Quirky stat, too, as it's consecutive wins by the same margin for Australia following the 281-run in Sydney.

Presentation time...Graeme Smith. "It's very disappointing. We've been out-played from word go. Probably one of the most disappointing four days as we've had as a team. We need to reflect, train hard and perform much better. It seemed to one of those games; bowlers picking up niggles, food poisoning. At 100 for 4 we were pretty happy. But credit Mitchell Johnson. AB showed tremendous skill on a difficult wicket, the rest of us have performed well for a period of time so need to look back to those moments. We allowed Australia to play front-runner cricket and that's unusual for us."

Michael Clarke. "Winning is always the best start. Credit to the bowlers and batters, Alex Doolan played an amazing innings on debut. We knew how tough a team South Africa were and you felt that especially as a batsman. It doesn't feel like an easy win when you are out there. You have to be on from ball one and we were. We knew it would tough on day one but we thought the cracks would come in. Mitchell is at the top of his game, he's fit and strong and his execution is perfect. Our fielding has been outstanding over the last six months, we have high expectations and it's nice to see some results. It's about enjoying tonight and celebrating - it's not every day you beat the No. 1 side - but we have to ready for PE."

Man of the Match is Mitchell Johnson "We set the game up with our batters. We bowled really well as a team. We felt there was a little in the wicket, we saw Morne get some bounce. When plans come off it's really nice. I was very nervous and pumped up for this match, so to come out and do this is very good. I'm here to be the intimidator which is what I have done here. Now we have an extra day to get back up for it."

That just about wraps things up for the commentary team for this match. Firdose and Dan will have all the post-match analysis during the rest of the day, but from Andrew McGlashan and Alan Gardner it's goodbye for now and thanks for joining us. The second Test starts from Port Elizabeth on Thursday. We'll see you then.

Harris to Morkel, 1 run, OUT, it's all over! What a shambolic way to finish! Morkel turned the ball off his body behind square, it was an easy single but he turned and came back for a second. Wasn't even in the frame as the throw from Lyon reached Haddin who broke the stumps.

M Morkel run out (Lyon/†Haddin) 1 (10m 4b 0x4 0x6) SR: 25.00

Harris to Philander, 1 run, comes round the wicket, banged in short and it's pulled away between deep square and long leg...a superb diving on the boundary by Rogers cuts off the four
Harris to Philander, FOUR runs, back on a full length and driven through the off side for the second time in the over
Harris to Philander, 1 wide, short ball outside off, he bails out of the pull and it's called wide
Harris to Philander, FOUR runs, now he drives strongly through the off side, full outside off and it's put away with poise

59 | 11 Runs | SA: 189/9

  • VD Philander17 (15b)
  • M Morkel0 (3b)
  • PM Siddle16-6-55-2
  • RJ Harris12-5-24-2
Siddle to Philander, 1 run, banged in even shorter, he doesn't hold back and hooks this to long leg

Dale: "A lot of people will credit MJ for Aus's turnaround but there is one man who I think has more responsibility. Boof Lehman take a bow"

Siddle to Philander, SIX runs, another pull shot, and this time he connects well enough to clear deep square-leg...a little bit of late defiance
Siddle to Philander, no run, full and angling into the stumps, defended to mid-on
Siddle to Philander, no run, fuller, defended off the back foot
Siddle to Philander, no run, 140kph, tries again, but it's shorter and beats the top edge
Siddle to Philander, FOUR runs, strong pull shot, picked up the length early and crunched it through square leg

58 | 5 Runs 1 Wkt | SA: 178/9

  • M Morkel0 (3b)
  • VD Philander6 (9b)
  • RJ Harris12-5-24-2
  • PM Siddle15-6-44-2
Harris to Morkel, no run, defended square into the off side
  • When Johnson blew South Africa's house down

    It was the summer of 2014. Fresh off his monstering of England at home, the world's most feared fast bowler steamed in in Centurion

  • Special and brutal

    Mitchell Johnson's savage spell not only made the South Africans shiver, it broke their intimidating record in Centurion

  • The Mitchell Johnson effect

    Whole batting line-ups have been laid to waste by the raw pace and confidence of Australia's fast-bowling leader

  • A fast-bowling high against South Africa

    Mitchell Johnson's match haul of 12 for 127 are the best by a fast bowler against South Africa since their readmission into Test cricket

  • South Africa's bruises won't fade quickly

    The bowling of Mitchell Johnson has made many people sit up and take notice, leading to comparisons with the very best. South Africa have now had their first-hand experience and it has been a chastening affair



This was the second-highest margin of victory for Australia in Tests v South Africa

Better and better


Mitchell Johnson's 12-wicket haul is so far his best in Tests - and the most by a quick against SA since readmission

Mitchell's haul


When Johnson claimed Duminy he bagged the third 10-wicket haul of his Test career

Piling them up


Number of innings for Hashim Amla to reach 6000 Test runs - second only to Graeme Smith for South Africa

Fancy a bowl?


The number of Tests since Warner last bowled - against India in Hyderabad

Elite company


Mitchell Johnson is the seventh Australia bowler to take 250 Test wickets (Lillee, McDermott, Warne, McGrath, Gillespie, Lee)

Long way from home


Overs South Africa would have to bat for a draw. More than at Adelaide 2012 (148) and the Wanderers 2013 (136)

From 1 for 1 to 1 for plenty


Australia's highest second-wicket stand when they have lost their first wicket at 0 or 1

Select company


Alex Doolan is the seventh Australian to make a half-century batting at No. 3 in his debut Test

Big in the second dig


David Warner's Test average in the second innings, with four hundreds. In the first innings he averages 37.03 (two hundreds)