Player of the Match
Player of the Match

136 | 8 Runs | SA: 450/7

  • DW Steyn6 (10b)
  • VD Philander25 (37b)
  • Mohammed Shami28-5-107-3
  • Z Khan34-1-135-1

6.15 pm Well, it is almost gut-wrenching to say that is the end of the game, but it is. If we couln't have a result, this was the best kind of start to such a big, big series. The caravan now heads to Durban, and unfortunately, that is where this tour ends. Two Tests seem way, way, way too short now, but we have to settle for it and hope the next one offers just as much entertainment. Stick around as we will have the report being pinged in at any moment from Firdose Moonda and of course the players' opinions of what could be argued as the greatest draw in Test cricket. This is Alagappan Muthu, signing off on behalf of scorer Gopi Rangarajan as well.

Faf du Plessis says if you had asked us this morning that we would have saved the game we would have taken it. I was struggling a bit with cramps and some stomach aches too, which I dont normally get. I was thinking about Adelaide. I knew I had done it before and I just placed a very high price on my wicket and made sure the Indians found it difficult to get me. The wicket was just a blur. In hindsight, I should have been out there holding one end while Vern went took it on. India bowled very skillfully. Obviously they bowl in difficult conditions at home so if there is anything in the pitch they find it. They swing it both ways and it was a real test batting out there. We take it as a moral victory here and will look to build on this momentum in Durban

India's bowling coach Joe Dawes says his charges will sleep soundly tonight after putting in so much work. It was great having Zak back leading the attack and Ishant and Shami and Ashwin would have had a lot to learn from him out there. So much experience and 300 Test wickets, is always useful out there. We've been pushing their fitness, their strength work and with the short turnaround, it would test their bodies even more which should be a good challenge. Ishant has worked very hard. he was obviously very disappointed at what happened in the Australia series and went back to Ranji Trophy and got some wickets and worked his way back into the side and he's heading in the right direction

6.00 pm Presentation time as the Wanderers applauds both teams for an exceptional game.

Virat Kohli is the Man of the Match. It is the biggest challenge. Tour of England, Australia and South Africa are the biggest test for young subcontinent side. I didn't feel too good, I had been playing patiently and get to those three figures. A hundred in both innings would have been perfect, but I was happy with 96. Visualising is important. We didn't get too much time to prepare. We had time to get those net sessions in as we didn't have time to do that in the one-dayers and the guys felt a lot more comfortable about the game and conditions. He;s been another Wall for us at No. 3. It was great batting out there with him. Unfortunately I was the culprit in his run out in the first innings and hopefully we have more such partnerships in the future

MS Dhoni comes out to a loud roar. We had a basic amount of knowledge of the conditions in the ODI games, We usually play only one spinner outside India and we needed a big effort from the quicks and they delivered. Our batting did extremely well too, with Viat and Pujara and Vijay too to blunt the new ball. I was confident if there was five runs to defend per over and they would pull it off. WE might have been a little too attacking in the lead up but this experience will help them know when to throttle down and pump it up. Zak is the leader of the attack and he will teach the bowlers where to bowl. I can only put the field and the most impressive thing was his fitness and we look forward ot having him out there giving it his all again in Durban. We've got great support at there and the pitch is always sporting. We've got a few bowlers who've played there. We have plenty to gain from that Test and it;s important to rest up nad get ready for that Test

Graeme Smith comes up. Credit to India he says, they played extremely well in the first four days. We showed a lot of mental strength not to fade away. I thought Faf and Ab's knocks would go down as the best in all time. You gotta back the guys' decision out there. the run out was unfortunate, the win would have been incredible, but we've still done very well to take it this far. You have to be level headed and there is always another coming up and as test team we've done that well in the last few years and make sure we never lose the game. We've played some high class Test cricket yesterday and today and things are even-stevens now. Those who've played the game would appreciate what an incredible innings that was from Faf and AB. because when wickets are lost they lose in clumps. They took it down to the last hour and it was incredible. Unnecessary pressure on Faf going into the game and he's answered them all., There's good respect in the squad and to come out and bat and four and produce a performance like that was outstanding. Pushing into allrounder category is Philander and he's been great for us so far. Both teams have to regroup gong into Durban and hopefully we have a third Test in Cape Town. Morne's injury also played a part in making the decision to draw the game because he was not a 100% and he doesn't control that long body even when he was fit

5.50 pm What. A. Ride! First we had India playing out of their skins to prove a lot of their critics wrong as they led this game for most of it. Virat Kohli and Cheteshwar Pujara would have been the two most bewildered players out there as they watched the balance shift. South Africa surged back and looked like they were about to win after Faf du Plessi and AB de Villiers looked set to steal the show. In the end, I suppose this might be the best result possible. Match Point should be up now, so do refresh the page and tune in and see if our experts have been affected by the excitement as well The two teams shake hands and Faf is almost completely drained out there, having his hands on his knees. He's done this twice in 10 Tests now and both times he has to settle for a draw. You will not want to miss this presentation, just like you would not have wanted to miss one ball of this Test. It certainly has been one for the ages.

Mahesh Balaji: "WHAT. A. MATCH. A rare occasion where both teams played to their strength and both teams would feel sad at the end of the day. While SA fans might feel disappointed and angry that they didnt go for the win, SA's decision to shut shop after Du Plessis' wicket was sensible.. They made sure that India doesn't win. Salute to both teams - India surprised everybody by being totally competitive and SA showed why they are the No.1 team. Feeling Proud as a cricket fan!!!"

JD Haasbroek: "Please, all of you saying SA lost a draw. Chasing that total and getting so close is a win in my mind. Yesterday I had no hope. Well played both teams. Salute to Test Cricket. !~!!!"

RKZ: "What would I say 'Choker' or 'Coward'... ? Really disappointing...Such a competitive match in tame finish..!"

Ashwin: "How I'd love to know what the teams had to lose, who they would have to answer to if they went for the win having come so close. I'm not sure of the stats but India will feel they got out of jail here, the odds were against them even with SA 7 down. Well played to both teams, entertaining stuff!"

Don: "Rahane for me is the man of the match, both the run out he got in this match were turning points."

hmmm: "For me SA has choked ... I wouldnt consider this a draw. India has 'won' a draw and SA has 'lost' a draw. With morkel, phil and steyn in the wings, they should have the license to go all guns blazing in the last 2 overs and if two of them had fallen they cud have always gone to the defensive route."

punith: "someone said don't forget zak's innings in 2nd innings...i would say don't forget phillander's knock in 1st innings...that reduced the lead for INDIA"

sathish2888: "The worst thing is this is not a five match series. I hate you administrators.."

Aaron: "Can we also give credit to india for days 1-4 and the end of today's play? They played brilliantly and had control over SA for some time. Faf and ABDV played beautifully but India came back and survived too."

Mohammed Shami to Steyn, SIX runs, what a shot! it was a full toss on middle stump, Steyn clears his front leg and slams it straight over the head of the bowler for a towering six to end one of the greatest Test in history

the field comes up again or Steyn

Mohammed Shami to Philander, 1 run, full length on off stump as he gets behind it and blocks to deep cover and picks up a single

Prajwal Acharya: "No matter what the outcome is, #Respect SouthAfrica. You guys are really number 1 test team."

Mohammed Shami to Philander, no run, goes for a wild slog again, but misses. Length ball just outside off, goes through just a shave past off stump

And now everyone goes back except the two slips

Mohammed Shami to Steyn, 1 bye, goes for a wild slog, does Sten and he misses completely. It was length and seaming in and Dhoni misses behind the stumps for them to sneak a bye in
Mohammed Shami to Steyn, no run, back of a length, shaping in and that goes just a touch wide of off stump as Steyn leaves it.

Mid-on and mid-off drop back a bit

Rudra Varma: "Oh my !!! What an enthralling test match. Who ever wins from here, it has been an outstanding effort from both the teams would like India to win though :)" This is looking more and more like a draw though

Mohammed Shami to Steyn, no run, short ball outside off and it is left alone as Steyn plays inside the line

Final over of the match. South Africa need 16 runs, India need three wickets. And it is Mohammed Shami to bowl. Two slips in

135 | (maiden) | SA: 442/7

  • VD Philander24 (35b)
  • DW Steyn0 (6b)
  • Z Khan34-1-135-1
  • Mohammed Shami27-5-100-3
Khan to Philander, no run, length ball outside off, left alone
Khan to Philander, no run, wide outside off stump and Philander lets it go through to the keeper and now Dhoni brings the field up
Khan to Philander, no run, blocks it to long on as this is on a length on middle and he refuses the single again. much to the crowd's chagrin
Khan to Philander, no run, full length yorker on off stump and it is pushed down the ground towards extra cover and the crowd boos as he doesn't take a single. Steyn can't believe it. He wants the strike

Everyone is in the deep here. Single well on

Khan to Philander, no run, fullish on off stump as he stretches forward and blocks quite well. Looks like SA want to take it to the final over or are settling for the draw
Khan to Philander, no run, back of a length just outside off as he defends off the back foot

This should have been the final over of the game, but India have bowled one extra. 16 off two overs ,with three wickets left

134 | (maiden) | SA: 442/7

  • DW Steyn0 (6b)
  • VD Philander24 (29b)
  • Mohammed Shami27-5-100-3
  • Z Khan33-0-135-1
Mohammed Shami to Steyn, no run, short ball pushing on middle and leg as Steyn takes evasive action to let to let the ball through to the keeper past his back and elbow
Mohammed Shami to Steyn, no run, stays inside the line of the bouncer, just a touch outside off stump. Well left with one slip in place as well
Mohammed Shami to Steyn, no run, dug in and seams away from the bat, Steyn stays inside the line and lets it go
Mohammed Shami to Steyn, no run, back of a length, just outside off as Steyn pushes it to point. Philander was rushing through for a single, but Steyn says no and he has to hurry back. Tension hits the players as well
Mohammed Shami to Steyn, no run, bouncer right over the head of the ducking Steyn. Good short ball from Shami right over the off stump

GB: "did somebody say test cricket iz boring??"

Mohammed Shami to Steyn, no run, back of a length just outside off stump and is safely left alone

India's fielding creating the opening. Who would have thought that? Shami continues form the Golf Course End. Morkel's padded up

133 | 4 Runs 1 Wkt | SA: 442/7

  • VD Philander24 (29b)
  • DW Steyn0 (0b)
  • Z Khan33-0-135-1
  • Mohammed Shami26-4-100-3
Khan to Philander, no run, full length on off stump as he comes forward and blocks solidly

India need three wickets, South Africa need 16 runs. Faf looks shellshocked as he goes into the dressing room as Steyn walks out

Khan to du Plessis, OUT, Direct hit from mid-off! It was punched to Rahane who picks up the ball and flays down the stumps. Faf dives full length and he is found short of his ground! The rebound hits his grille too. He had nailed that drive and did not deserve to get out on that. What an innings! What an end! What a Test!

F du Plessis run out (Rahane) 134 (395m 309b 15x4 0x6) SR: 43.36

Khan to du Plessis, no run, full and inviting the drive outside off as he stretches forward and drills the drive to cover
Khan to du Plessis, FOUR runs, shot, what a shot! Short and a touch wide of off as he stayed back and flayed it through midwicket. He's been quite brilliant with that pull shot when he needed to unleash it