Player of the Match
Player of the Match
  • A circle among shadows

    Two photos from the Brisbane Test, taken at (nearly) the same instant, produce two different effects

  • Pump up the volume

    It's time to turn the stump mikes all the way up, and leave them that way

  • Doesn't sledging hurt anyone?

    Players insist that what's said on the field doesn't affect them, but then why do it at all? And why go up in arms when someone seemingly crosses the line?

  • The grass must be green, the strip yellow

    Unlike most other sports, cricket needs to look right to its fans, from the colour of the grass, the pitch and the stumps to the quality of the light

  • England need a plan for Johnson

    They must respond to the Australian bowling threat adequately or the series will slip away from them fast

Warne fights

I think it's a disgrace that @MClarke23 has been fined. What about what Anderson said to Bailey, which wasn't heard

Shane Warne on ICC decision to fine Clarke