A dominant performance from Sri Lanka, sweeping aside South Africa today despite bringing in a host of understudies. Caps a terrific series for them, and leaves South Africa with plenty of homework to do.

Stats man extraordinnaire Mohandas Menon tweets: This 4-1 defeat is South Africa's worst ODI series performance since its 4-0 loss in England (Natwest Series) in August 2008.

Uwaisul Karnain: "The only favor done by the top order players of South Africa for their tailenders is that they have preserved their review."

indika chathuranga: "As a srilanakan fan who loves watching SA team playing since the childhood, i'm thoroughly dissapointed with their performance in this series. Hope they will put up a good fight in T20s against the worlds no1 T20 team. Best of luck.."

James: "South Africa have "plenty of homework to do"? Have they re-engaged Mickey Arthur?" A few more series like this, and Mickey will be back in charge of SA.

Presentation ceremony:

The Man of the Match is Tillakaratne Dilshan: "I think McLaren bowled that over really well. Little bit disappointed but these kind of things happen. I'm really enjoying, when I get a start I want to make a big one. Really good series for me, bowled well, batted well, fielded well."

Man of the Series is Kumar Sangakkara: "We had thir batting at 3, he and Dilshan gave us the platform, it was my job to push the scoring. I haven't changed my game a lot, I try to play situations well, I try to target bowlers, when you play in Sri Lanka you need totals above 260. My first series was a triangular against SA, they are the best side in Test cricket, they've always done well against us. I've enjoyed watching guys like AB and Hash."

AB de Villiers: "Looked like we played cricket out of our league, unfortunately couldn't get some momentum going. We'll keep learning. It's amazing when you start to lose all these negatives kick up and you start to overanalyse things. It was a great experience, played some quality spin and against a subcontinent team that really know their conditions very well."

Angelo Mathews: "Couldn't have asked for any better, I thought Dilshan and Thirimanne batted brilliantly, unfortunately Dilshan couldn't get to his century. We have got a good blend of seniors and juniors, pretty happy with the way they performed. On behalf of the national team, I'd like to thank the fans for their support."

Mathews holds aloft the series trophy, and his team-mates join in soon after. As Sri Lanka bask in the glow of victory, we'll bring our ball-by-ball coverage to a close. There's plenty more on the series coming up, including features and analysis from Andrew Fernando.

All you angry SA fans, it's not the end of the world. Thanks for all the mails, see you at during the T20 series.

Lakmal to Tsotsobe, OUT, it's all over, Lakmal aims for the top of off and gets it through the defences of Tsotsobe, who seems surprised that is sneaked through
Lakmal to Tsotsobe, 2 leg byes, Lakmal angles this down the leg side, looking to glance that towards fine leg, off the pads to the boundary
Lakmal to Tsotsobe, no run, short of length and on off stump, 133kph, blocked to the off side
Lakmal to Tsotsobe, no run, shortish ball angling in, Tsotsobe ducks under, umpire signals that's the first bouncer of the over
Lakmal to Tsotsobe, no run, slides that in towards middle and leg, pitched up, defended off the front foot to the off side

Priyal: "Oh! these two party spoilers are delaying Sri Lanka's celebrations! Must be annoying for Mathews and clan!"

Lakmal returns.

43 | 8 Runs 1 Wkt | SA: 177/9 (131 runs required from 42 balls, RR: 4.11, RRR: 18.71)

  • LL Tsotsobe1 (2b)
  • AM Phangiso18 (28b)
  • BAW Mendis9-2-36-3
  • TM Dilshan10-0-41-1
Mendis to Tsotsobe, 1 run, a flighted googly turns towards middle, a thick inside edge sends the ball towards square leg
Mendis to Tsotsobe, no run, length ball on off stump, solid forward defensive from Tsotsobe
Mendis to Tsotsobe, 5 wides, massive turn there for Mendis, did it hit some sort of crack? it stays very low and turns way down the leg side

Kim Hackney: "Graeme Smith now we all note the value he brings to South Africa cricket as captain, ABDV is a great palyer and needs to concentrate on batting and fielding."

Mendis to McLaren, OUT, Mendis strikes again, McLaren's vigil is over, Mendis came round the wicket this time, a slower one with plenty of flight, a top edge from McLaren as he looks to chop that, on to the keeper's pads and loops up for first slip, Mendis has three
Mendis to McLaren, 2 runs, skips down the track and clips it towards deep square leg
Mendis to McLaren, no run, again safely negotiated off the back foot
Mendis to McLaren, no run, pitching in middle and leg and spinning in towards McLaren, defended off the back foot

42 | 5 Runs | SA: 169/8 (139 runs required from 48 balls, RR: 4.02, RRR: 17.37)

  • R McLaren27 (69b)
  • AM Phangiso18 (28b)
  • TM Dilshan10-0-41-1
  • BAW Mendis8-2-28-2
Dilshan to McLaren, 1 run, goes back again and punches it to the right of point this time for a single
Dilshan to McLaren, no run,
Dilshan to McLaren, no run, tries the sweep, but it turns too much. beats the bat
Dilshan to McLaren, no run, Goes back and cuts this straight to point
Dilshan to McLaren, no run,
Dilshan to McLaren, FOUR runs, both these batsmen are driving well. this one is on leg stump, but he makes room and punches it through the covers and the long-off can't cut this off

41 | 7 Runs | SA: 164/8 (144 runs required from 54 balls, RR: 4.00, RRR: 16.00)

  • R McLaren22 (63b)
  • AM Phangiso18 (28b)
  • BAW Mendis8-2-28-2
  • TM Dilshan9-0-36-1
Mendis to McLaren, 1 run,
Mendis to Phangiso, 1 run, Makes room and drives well through the covers again

South Africa 2nd innings Partnerships

1st35HM AmlaQ de Kock
2nd25HM AmlaJP Duminy
3rd1JP DuminyF du Plessis
4th8AB de VilliersF du Plessis
5th16AB de VilliersF Behardien
6th0AB de VilliersDA Miller
7th52R McLarenAB de Villiers
8th0R McLarenM Morkel
9th34R McLarenAM Phangiso
10th8AM PhangisoLL Tsotsobe
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