Player of the Match
Player of the Match

Now the cricket's over we can safely open a new window to follow the final day of the Premier League football season. Log on to for all the action. But that's it from Lord's, thanks to Monty and Devasish for the last few days, we'll all be back on Friday for the second Test at Headingley so make sure you join us for that, but for now, form me, Alex Winter, it's goodbye.

Plenty of reaction to some fine performances coming up from Andrew McGlashan, George Dobell, Nagraj Gollapudi and Jarrod Kimber from Lord's. So stick around here on ESPNcricinfo for all the best reaction. One of those performances was James Anderson becoming only the fourth Englishman to take 300 Test wickets and S Rajesh has put together an interesting statistical analysis. Gnasher has wrapped up this Test match and be sure to check out the latest edition of Alison's Tea Break with Tim Southee.

Well what a Test match to start the summer. A slow-burner that began with England creeping along on the first day but the match sprung into life on the second day with wickets clattering and the trend continued for the rest of the match - save for a century stand yesterday afternoon that suggested that conditions to bat might be getting easier and New Zealand might have a good chance to chase a score in the fourth innings. But the match was put to bed by Broad and England have claimed a big win and finally got the better of New Zealand for the first time in four Tests.

Time for the presentation where there's an interesting call for Man of the Match, Broad or goes to Stuart Broad for his spell this morning that swung the match decisively England's way.

"We came into today with high hopes of winning tomorrow but the way England bowled was outstanding and created an element of panic," says Brendon McCullum. "During those first couple of days we had periods of domination. I'm proud of the guys to get us into a position to chase 240, it shows how far we've come but we still have a way to go. Tim Southee deserved more than we gave him today." McCullum says they will look at who will keep wicket at Headingley over the next few days.

Winning captain Alastair Cook says: "Both sides were nervous this morning. We spoke about that's why you play cricket. We wanted a few more runs this morning but the way Broad and Jimmy bowled was outstanding. Broad has all the attributes to be a world-class bowler, when he gets it right, like today he's very hard to face. Joe Root had another great game, he stood up in that second innings. And Jimmy as well, a fantastic achievement to take 300 Test wickets. He's a captain's dream."

That New Zealand put England under pressure was largely down to Tim Southee, who became the second New Zealander after Dion Nash to take a 10-wicket haul at Lord's. But his efforts have been totally overshadowed by the failure of his batsman to deal with the swinging ball. England are often lethal in home conditions and so it has proved. Broad was magnificent, backed up by Anderson - and the pair have together bowled New Zealand out - the first time England have needed two only two bowlers to bowl out a side since the 1930s (that is, only two bowlers used in the innings).

So it's all over and England have won by 170 runs which in the end looks like a right stuffing but New Zealand were in the game and with a chance to pull off a famous win, until Stuart Broad ripped through them before lunch today. Chasing 239 after a great job by their bowler in the first hour of day four, New Zealand's second-innings never got going and they were destroyed by Broad's five-for that took only 5.3 overs before lunch. 29 for 6 at the break, it's taken under an hour for England to finish the job this afternoon.

Anderson to Wagner, 1 run, OUT, what on earth just happened!? Whatever it was, New Zealand have been finished off in comical fashion. It was a pull shot straight up in the air by Wagner that swirled around and was dropped by long leg running in and then out-running the chance, the ball was picked up and thrown back and Anderson collected it and found Wagner mid-pitch unsure of whether they were going to take a second, Anderson dashed back to the bowler's-end stumps and removed the bails and Wagner was well short of his ground

N Wagner run out (Bairstow/Anderson) 17 (24m 24b 1x4 1x6) SR: 70.83

Anderson to Wagner, no run, full ball on the stumps by Wagner simply blocks up on the off side
Anderson to Wagner, no run, a huge swing and a miss to a full ball well wide of off stump

The fat lady be on the stage...can Anderson prevent Broad going for the eight-for...

22 | 1 Run 1 Wkt | NZ: 67/9

  • N Wagner16 (21b)
  • SCJ Broad11-0-44-7
  • JM Anderson11-5-22-2
Broad to Martin, OUT, full and straight, Martin clears the front leg and eyes glory in a swipe down the ground but is comprehensively cleaned up and the stump mic is uprooted. Broad finally gets one right on the money, Martin fancied a heave and missed completely

BP Martin b Broad 1 (15m 9b 0x4 0x6) SR: 11.11

Broad to Martin, no run, foot and a half outside off stump, Martin playing forward and just keeps the bat inside the line
Broad to Martin, no run, full and on the pads, comes off the front pad towards the leg side
Broad to Wagner, 1 run, short again, not quite as short though and Wagner swings it away towards long leg where Billy Root charges across and slides to save four, top effort
Broad to Wagner, no run, almost a carbon copy, a big heave to a short ball well outside off, he practices the ramp and that was the shot he should have played probably
Broad to Wagner, no run, short ball but well outside off, Wagner flaps at it nevertheless and misses completely

Brett: "Never mind Dan Vettori, maybe they should try Dan Carter." NZ cricket forever in the shadow of their rugger stars...

21 | 5 Runs | NZ: 66/8

  • N Wagner15 (18b)
  • BP Martin1 (6b)
  • JM Anderson11-5-22-2
  • SCJ Broad10-0-43-6
Anderson to Wagner, 3 runs, full and a lofted drive over mid on, decent stroke again from Wagner, gets it over the fielder and they take - waddle in Martin's case - three so Wagner will keep the strike

New Zealand 4th innings Partnerships

1st1PG FultonHD Rutherford
2nd15KS WilliamsonHD Rutherford
3rd0LRPL TaylorKS Williamson
4th5DG BrownlieKS Williamson
5th4BB McCullumDG Brownlie
6th4BB McCullumBJ Watling
7th12BJ WatlingTG Southee
8th13BJ WatlingN Wagner
9th13BP MartinN Wagner
10th1N WagnerTA Boult