Player of the Match
Player of the Match
    10.1 a huge appeal for lbw but umpire Bowden says not out. Will Clarke use his only remaining review? He will. The ball pitched in line, it hit in line, it wasn't too high, it's crashing into off stump. Smith's gone. Bowden has overturned his not-out decision. What a start to Pattinson's second spell. He pitched it on a good length and caught Smith on the crease. The bat was a bit late in coming across the front pad and Pattinson beat it with the shape into the left-hander to hit the back pad. 29/1
    38.4 caught at mid-on, that's such a soft dismissal! Petersen came forward and tried to hit through midwicket, he ended up hitting it flat to Hussey, who took the catch at head height. He's not mis-hit many today, has Petersen. He didn't get to the pitch of this one 119/2
    93.3 lbw! Will Amla review? He has a word with Kallis and decides not to. Off he goes. Siddle pitched the ball on a good length and nipped it into the right-hander, Amla was caught on the crease as he tried to defend and the the ball beat the bat and crashed into the front pad around the knee roll. Asad Rauf took his time but eventually gave Australia relief. Oh my, replays indicate the ball would have passed over the stumps had Amla reviewed it. It was too high 284/3
    123.6 Quiney's taken a screamer at gully! What a catch as your first Test catch. The ball was short of a length and there was width outside off, Kallis tried to cut it over gully but edged it, Quiney dived to his left to catch it with both hands. The ball was traveling quickly to him. 374/4
    125.5 Warner's caught AB at point but the umpire is checking to see if Pattinson has overstepped. He's back foot is just okay, so AB goes too. The ball was nothing special, short and wide outside off. AB went after it and cut hard, Warner dived to his right at point and took the catch around head height. This is a huge blow to South Africa's aspirations of scoring quickly 377/5
    144.3 caught at cover! Rudolph stepped out again, this time he wasn't to the pitch of the ball, and he sliced it to Quiney at head height 426/7
    137.6 caught at first slip! Philander pushes hard at a good length ball that pitches around off and shapes away, he gets an edge that is snapped up lo by Clarke 403/6
    149.6 caught behind! After a flurry of short balls, Hilfenhaus pitches full, Steyn charges, makes room and swings hard. He gets an edge through to Wade 446/8
    not out
    151.4 caught at short mid-off, South Africa are all out because Duminy can't bat. Morkel stands in his crease and slaps a length ball straight to Siddle 450/10
    absent hurt
    11 (b 1, lb 1, nb 6, w 3)
    450 all out (151.4 Overs, RR: 2.96, 636 minutes)
    Fall of wickets: 1-29 (GC Smith, 10.1 ov), 2-119 (AN Petersen, 38.4 ov), 3-284 (HM Amla, 93.3 ov), 4-374 (JH Kallis, 123.6 ov), 5-377 (AB de Villiers, 125.5 ov), 6-403 (VD Philander, 137.6 ov), 7-426 (JA Rudolph, 144.3 ov), 8-446 (DW Steyn, 149.6 ov), 9-450 (M Morkel, 151.4 ov)
    BW Hilfenhaus32.497322.2310
    JL Pattinson3469332.7323
    PM Siddle36611123.0803
    NM Lyon37413623.6700
    MEK Hussey402105.2500
    RJ Quiney731001.4200
    MJ Clarke10404.0000
    84.4 has Eddie Cowan been run out backing up too far? He's walking off. He's out. Clarke drove the full ball hard and straight, Steyn bent down low and got finger tips on the ball. Cowan was a long long way out of his crease and couldn't get back in time. An immense innings ends in a sloppy way. He's been backing up too far quite a bit. 299/4
    4.4 caught at second slip! Warner was caught on his crease by a good length ball that pitched in line and slanted across him, he poked at it instead of letting it go and the outside edge flew straight to Kallis 13/1
    7.4 Quiney's been caught at fine leg! His debut innings is finished. The ball was ordinary, short of a length outside leg stump, and Quiney pulled. Steyn positioned himself on the boundary line, got under the ball and caught it. Realising he was going over the boundary, Steyn tossed it up, stepped out, stepped back in and caught it again. Top effort and he is so pumped that he roars like he's sent a stump cartwheeling. On second look, he didn;t actually step over the boundary, he merely thought he was very close to the rope. So he tossed the ball up ... 30/2
    9.3 Ponting's made a duck! He pushed forward at a short of a length ball that pitched outside off and held its line. It's that extra bounce that Morkel gets from that length. The outside edge goes to Kallis at second slip 40/3
    not out
    130.1 Hussey's century has been ended by a cracking catch from Faf at short cover. He came forward to a length ball and drove hard and flat, the ball was dying on Faf who stooped low and caught it in front of him just before it bounced. Morkel's finally dismissed Hussey after beating him several times through this innings 527/5
    not out
    38 (lb 14, nb 23, w 1)
    565/5d (138 Overs, RR: 4.09, 627 minutes)
    Fall of wickets: 1-13 (DA Warner, 4.4 ov), 2-30 (RJ Quiney, 7.4 ov), 3-40 (RT Ponting, 9.3 ov), 4-299 (EJM Cowan, 84.4 ov), 5-527 (MEK Hussey, 130.1 ov)
    DW Steyn30312914.3001
    VD Philander30310303.4308
    M Morkel31612734.0902
    RK Kleinveldt2119704.61112
    JH Kallis1233002.5000
    GC Smith903604.0000
    HM Amla20904.5000
    AN Petersen302006.6600
    1.3 caught behind! And what a loose shot from Petersen. He reached off the front foot for a good length ball that pitched outside off and seamed away from him, Petersen was driving a long way away from his body and nicked it to Wade 6/1
    20.5 caught at gully, and look at Pattinson go! Smith drives hard at a fuller ball outside off stump and gets a thick outside edge that flies low and to Quiney's right, he takes his second good catch of the match. Pattinson's won his battle with slip 55/2
    32.5 caught at short cover! Siddle bowls a length ball outside off, Amla leans forward to drive and hits it straight to Hussey, who catches it at knee height, a loose shot really 102/3
    48.5 Lyon has a wicket, Clarke's taken a sharp catch at first slip! Kallis pushed forward to defend at one that slid across him from round the wicket and edged it. Clarke took the catch low to his right, near his boot 129/4
    not out
    62.6 lbw! Asad Rauf takes an age to raise his finger, but Rudolph has reviewed the decision. Lyon pitches outside off and angles the ball into the left-hander, Rudolph comes forward to defend but plays outside the line of the ball and is hit on the back pad. That hit the pad just in line and would have gone on to hit the sumps. That will stay out. Rudolph has to go 165/5
    not out
    10 (b 2, nb 4, w 4)
    166/5 (68 Overs, RR: 2.44, 294 minutes)
    Fall of wickets: 1-6 (AN Petersen, 1.3 ov), 2-55 (GC Smith, 20.5 ov), 3-102 (HM Amla, 32.5 ov), 4-129 (JH Kallis, 48.5 ov), 5-165 (JA Rudolph, 62.6 ov)
    BW Hilfenhaus1532601.7310
    JL Pattinson1935823.0532
    PM Siddle1743612.1102
    NM Lyon1354123.1500
    RJ Quiney43300.7500

Match Details


South Africa , elected to bat first

Player Of The Match

Series result

3-match series level 0-0

Match number


Hours of play (local time)

09:30am start, Lunch 12.00-12.40, Tea 14.40-15.00, Close 17.00

Match days

9,10,11,12,13 November 2012 (5-day match)

Reserve Umpire

Match Referee

Close of Play

  • Fri, 9 Nov - day 1 - South Africa 1st innings 255/2 (HM Amla 90*, JH Kallis 84*, 82 ov)
  • Sat, 10 Nov - day 2 - no play
  • Sun, 11 Nov - day 3 - Australia 1st innings 111/3 (EJM Cowan 49*, MJ Clarke 34*, 26 ov)
  • Mon, 12 Nov - day 4 - Australia 1st innings 487/4 (MJ Clarke 218*, MEK Hussey 86*, 121 ov)
  • Tue, 13 Nov - day 5 - South Africa 2nd innings 166/5 (68 ov) - end of match

Match Notes

South Africa 3rd innings Partnerships

1st6GC SmithAN Petersen
2nd49HM AmlaGC Smith
3rd47JH KallisHM Amla
4th27JH KallisAB de Villiers
5th36JA RudolphAB de Villiers
6th1AB de VilliersVD Philander
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