Player of the Match
Player of the Match

50 | 8 Runs | INDIA: 316/9 (10 runs required, RR: 6.32)

  • B Kumar20 (16b)
  • I Sharma7 (5b)
  • JW Dernbach10-0-69-2
  • TT Bresnan8-0-67-2

Man of the Match is MS Dhoni James Tredwell. Here is the match report from David Hopps, oh it indeed is our UK editor David Hopps. Abhishek Purohit signing off, even as Sid Ravindran will eventually bring you his analysis of India's performance from Rajkot, which will be after he gets to Rajkot from the ground. Time for dinner. Night everyone

Tredwell: "You try and hit your skills over and over again. If the batsman hits a good shot, so be it. We got wickets at the right time, even at the lower end, it is what helped us get over the line. [New fielding rules] give you an opportunity to play against the spin, sometimes it can play into your hands."

Cook: "Good toss to win. Very good wicket, and we made the most of it. Proud of the side. Samit and Craig at the end made a difference. Was an excellent wicket throghout, and a quick outfield. It is hard to defend with five men in the circle, India kept getting close, but we got the wickets when it mattered. Tredwell bowled brilliantly. It is pretty much the same attack we had here in 2011, and good to see how we have learned from the experience."

MS Dhoni: "It was difficult but we should have got there. It was close to 280 or 290 [with the quick outfield] rather than looking at it as 320-odd. Maybe I should have batted a few more overs. There was a situation in the middle when it looked they would have scored 340, spinners got us back. It is a new batch of bowlers, not experienced in international cricket. You have to make sure someone bats at one end and others rotate around him. I won't sound arrogant but it seemed easy when I and Raina were in, with five fielders in the circle. But once we fell, it was difficult."

Samit Patel's 44 off 20 at the death pushing England's total just out of India's reach. All of India's top six getting starts but they lost too many wickets. And not to forget James Tredwell's offspin, 4 for 44, in a game where more than 300 were scored in each innings

We move from Rajkot in the west to Kochi in the south, then to Ranchi in the east, and then to the far, inhospitable, bitterly cold, north - Mohali and Dharamsala. Did you hear the one about the Lucknow scribe who missed his train, despite being on the railway platform? He couldn't spot the train in the fog. Time for the presentation

Dernbach to Kumar, 1 run, can only defend this full one, from back of the hand, out to off as it kicks from a length, and England have won an ODI in India after going 0-5 and 0-5 last two times
Dernbach to Sharma, 1 run, squeezes a near-yorker to sweeper cover, and Cook knows it is England's game certainly now, thick edges or not
Dernbach to Kumar, 1 run, single taken in the end, Bhuvneshwar backing away to leg, Dernbach almost sneaking through, Bhunveshwar somehow hits the non-striker's stumps
Dernbach to Sharma, 1 run, raining thick edges in Saurashtra, keeper gets a glove out to save what would have been another boundary
Dernbach to Sharma, no run, now a full toss and Ishant cannot connect
Dernbach to Sharma, FOUR runs, thick edge first ball once again, just past the wicketkeeper, Dernbach doing nothing wrong with a full one around off, Ishant having a go

Dernbach to bowl the last over

49 | 9 Runs 1 Wkt | INDIA: 308/9 (18 runs required, RR: 6.28, RRR: 18.00)

  • I Sharma1 (1b)
  • B Kumar18 (14b)
  • TT Bresnan8-0-67-2
  • ST Finn10-0-63-1
Bresnan to Sharma, 1 run, another full toss, pushed through point, Ishant will keep strike, not sure how sensible that is

Quite clearly, given India have failed to find theirs, there can be only one Samit Patel

Bresnan to Dinda, OUT, Bresnan strikes, Dinda's middle stump is rattled, so is off, some inswing there on the yorker, Dinda's bat-swing in vain

AB Dinda b Bresnan 3 (6m 4b 0x4 0x6) SR: 75.00

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India 2nd innings Partnerships

1st96G GambhirAM Rahane
2nd6G GambhirV Kohli
3rd36Yuvraj SinghV Kohli
4th60Yuvraj SinghSK Raina
5th45MS DhoniSK Raina
6th28MS DhoniRA Jadeja
7th2R AshwinRA Jadeja
8th24R AshwinB Kumar
9th10AB DindaB Kumar
10th9I SharmaB Kumar