Player of the Match
Player of the Match

50 | 15 Runs | ENG: 257/7 | RR: 5.14

  • JC Tredwell6 (4b)
  • JE Root57 (45b)
  • Mohammed Shami8-0-58-0
  • RA Jadeja10-2-39-3

So England scored 100 off the last 10 overs to finish off the innings on a high note. The platform was set by a solid half-century by Alastair Cook and a patient innings by KP, but post Cook's dismissal, KP changed gears and injected some momentum into the innings. It was not all KP though as Joe Root provided the much needed muscle towards the end and completed his first fifty in ODI cricket.

TommyC: "Root is starting to look like the complete player, can grind it out when needed but also appears to be able to attack and increase the run rate when the situation demands it. Looking forward to see how he develops."

Mark: "When England were around 150 after 40 overs they would probably have taken 220-230. Right now they'll even feel disappointed that it's "only" 257."

Richard Brotherton: "Well , after the last two disasters i'd all but forgotten that there was a match on today and thankfully England have managed a respectable total ; not sure if it will be enough though ! That said , I seem to recall England winning back-to-back ODI victories and squaring the series about , oh , ten years ago - one where Andrew Flintoff clean-bowled the last Indian batsman and then whipped off his shirt and ran around the ground bare-chested !"

Mark: "@Richard Let's hope then that Samit Patel doesn't take the winning wicket!!!"

Mohammed Shami to Tredwell, 1 bye, bowls a good yorker, which the batsman misses but runs for byes anyway

RJ: "Hats of to Root...Kohli will be kicking himself for not taking the slip catch..."

Gaurav: "All baby face cricketers are doing wonders in field, high time to call back Sir Piyush Chawla."

Mohammed Shami to Tredwell, FOUR runs, he makes room by moving outside leg and crunches this length delivery past point for more runs, goes all the way to the boundary
Mohammed Shami to Root, 1 run, he bowls a good yorker which is blocked back to him, he gathers the ball and has a shy at the non-strikers, but misses and allows an overthrow

Dhoni taking some time to set the fields. Short fine has gone back. Third man is in.

Mohammed Shami to Root, FOUR runs, he charges down the track and hits it past the bowler for yet another boundary

India 2nd innings Partnerships

1st20G GambhirRG Sharma
2nd52RG SharmaV Kohli
3rd18Yuvraj SinghRG Sharma
4th68SK RainaRG Sharma
5th55MS DhoniSK Raina
6th45SK RainaRA Jadeja