Player of the Match
Player of the Match
    10.1 Bhuvneshwar striking just after the fielding restrictions are over, Cook missing the work to the leg side to a good length delivery, caught right in front of middle, and umpire Kulkarni sends him back, but replays show the ball pitched just outside leg stump, ahem, ahem, ahem 58/2
    1.2 gone, Shami pitching it up wide for the drive, and getting it to swing away appreciably, Bell chasing it, and only managing an edge to Dhoni, would have been called a wide had Bell not meddled with it 4/1
    14.2 Bhuvneshwar, massive strike, Kochi erupts, KP bowled off a sharp, sharp incutter, pitched good length, angled in slightly, and then jagged in to go past the inside edge of KP's angled bat, he was trying to run it to off 73/3
    30.2 Jadeja striking with the arm ball, what a game for him, tossed up like the previous one, Root back in the crease waiting for the sharp turn away, there is none, it hurries in, and disturbs the stumps 132/6
    14.4 captain Dhoni holds a superb, low catch to his left, another huge wicket, Eoin Morgan nibbling at one leaving him from a good length, outside edge dying on the keeper, who makes sure a terrific effort from his young swing bowler isn;t in vain 73/4
    25.3 what a gift of a wicket, short, harmless delivery down the leg side, and Kieswetter has pushed it straight to midwicket 110/5
    not out
    30.5 the arm ball working for Jadeja again, tossed up, Woakes forward to defend, hit in front of middle, and gone 132/7
    33.2 Ashwin has another, catches Tredwell in front of leg on the back foot with one angled in on a good length from round the stumps 135/8
    33.3 Ashwin appealing for caught behind after Finn is beaten pushing at a flighted carrom ball, Dhoni takes it and immediately removes the bails to appeal to the square leg umpire, meanwhile, umpire Davis upholds Ashwin's appeal, didn't seem to be an edge, replays suggest the same, no edge, umpire Davis was looking at the square leg umpire for a while before eventually raising the finger 135/9
    35.6 that will be it, Dhoni uproots a stump after whipping off the bails, Patel working it to Jadeja at square leg hoping to retain strike, Jadeja firing it flat and straight to Dhoni who catches Dernbach well short, despite a dive 158/10
    11 (b 5, lb 2, w 4)
    158 all out (36 Overs, RR: 4.38)
    Fall of wickets: 1-4 (IR Bell, 1.2 ov), 2-58 (AN Cook, 10.1 ov), 3-73 (KP Pietersen, 14.2 ov), 4-73 (EJG Morgan, 14.4 ov), 5-110 (C Kieswetter, 25.3 ov), 6-132 (JE Root, 30.2 ov), 7-132 (CR Woakes, 30.5 ov), 8-135 (JC Tredwell, 33.2 ov), 9-135 (ST Finn, 33.3 ov), 10-158 (JW Dernbach, 35.6 ov)
    B Kumar10.022932.90423010
    Mohammed Shami4.012416.00175020
    I Sharma4.002807.00135010
    RA Jadeja7.011221.71310000
    Yuvraj Singh4.001904.75112000
    R Ashwin7.003935.57224100

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