Player of the Match
Player of the Match

47 | 12 Runs 1 Wkt | AUS: 250/7 | RR: 5.31

  • GJ Maxwell56 (38b)
  • MG Johnson1 (1b)
  • Junaid Khan6-0-42-2
  • Saeed Ajmal9-1-37-3

That is all from us for this game. Abhishek Purohit signing off. Cheers.

A proud Australia pose with the series trophy.

Michael Clarke: "Can't have been prouder of the guys. Maxwell is a wonderful talent, today is a great example of a team performance. The bowlers got us back after they were 100 for none. To be able to chase those runs against that attack is special. Starc has had a good series, he has hit the wicket hard, bowled with good pace. I don't want to take anything away from the other bowlers."

Misbah-ul-Haq: "The way we started, 15-20 runs short at the end. Credit to Australia the way they chased. Wasn't easy. Little bit of dew factor, outfield was also quicker in the second part of the game. Nasir Jamshed had a wonderful series, Shafiq and Azhar were positives, bowlers bowled well. I think after the game you can say we should have done this and that. All the time when we lose the game it is like this. Other bowlers are also wicket-takers. Probably, in hindsight, if I had continued with him [Ajmal], it could have been a different result."

Mitchell Starc is the Man of the Series. Starc: "It has been warm, sweaty and the dew factor as well. We wanted to come out and perform rather than just keep talking. Overall it has been a good tour."

Michael Hussey is the Man of the Match. Hussey: "It [heat] was not as bad as the last game in Abu Dhabi but it was still quite oppressive. Fantastic innings from Maxwell. To hit the ball like that on a pitch where the ball was dying was something. They have some great spinners. It is a very satisfying victory. It is up there among the toughest places to play cricket. No point complaining. It is the same for both teams."

We should be a seeing a lot of this Maxwell in the future. He hardly seems to be batting in the pressure of the No 7 position, and he was totally comfortably against Ajmal. You can say that about very few batsman in world cricket.

There were reservations expressed by Australia and their players' association on the extreme conditions for this series. But how well have their players responded. They threw themselves around in the field today, fast bowlers included.

Pakistan had their chances. They didn't review against Michael Hussey when he was plumb in front on 0. He turned the game around with Maxwell and Wade. Misbah took Ajmal off after he had bowled five overs for three wickets. Could he have given him another? Kamran missed a stumping off Wade, Azhar dropped Maxwell, and that is too many slip-ups against a side like Australia. And to top it all, Pakistan managed 244 after having been 140 for 1 in the 29th over

Tim: "Debut series in foreign conditions, backs to the wall against a master opponent and Maxwell comes through in fine style. A star is born today."

Kamran: "Criticize Bowden for a howler, not Pakistan for not opting for the review."

Salman: "Review has certainly played a big role but what about the fielding difference between the two sides. Australia would have been chasing much more if not for their fielding."

Junaid Khan to Maxwell, SIX runs, there it is, Maxwell launches a full slower one high over wide long on as Australia takes the series 2-1, sees it disappear, pumps his fist and roars
Junaid Khan to Maxwell, no run, opens the face and drills a full delivery hard to point
Junaid Khan to Johnson, 1 run, full into the pads, worked to fine leg
Junaid Khan to Maxwell, 1 run, he has a heave at this pitched up ball, thick inside edge to deep midwicket, the Australia dressing room claps whole-heartedly, for Maxwell's maiden ODI 50
Junaid Khan to Maxwell, FOUR runs, Maxwell keeps clobbering them, on the front foot, swings a length ball hard behind square leg

Mohsin: "Pakistan take their review home with them."

Junaid Khan to Christian, OUT, Christian holes out needlessly, tries to loft a length ball over mid off, gets a lot of height, and that is all he gets, Farhat settles under it at mid off

46 | 11 Runs | AUS: 238/6 (7 runs required from 24 balls, RR: 5.17, RRR: 1.75)

  • GJ Maxwell45 (34b)
  • DT Christian2 (6b)
  • Saeed Ajmal9-1-37-3
  • Junaid Khan5-0-30-1
Saeed Ajmal to Maxwell, no run, defended solidly off the front foot
Saeed Ajmal to Maxwell, FOUR runs, and again, through extra cover, Clarke claps in the pavilion as Maxwell gets inside the line of a tossed up doosra on middle, exposes all the stumps, and drills it past extra cover, boy, he is playing Ajmal like he has dealt with him for years
Saeed Ajmal to Maxwell, SIX runs, Maxwell impresses again, gets front foot out to a flighted one outside off and lofts it cleanly all the way over extra cover with a straight followthrough
Saeed Ajmal to Christian, 1 run, straight length ball punched wide of midwicket

Australia 2nd innings Partnerships

1st44DJ HusseyDA Warner
2nd44MJ ClarkeDJ Hussey
3rd17MEK HusseyDJ Hussey
4th3MEK HusseyGJ Bailey
5th51MEK HusseyMS Wade
6th67MEK HusseyGJ Maxwell
7th12DT ChristianGJ Maxwell
8th12MG JohnsonGJ Maxwell