Player of the Match
Player of the Match

India win by an innings and 115 runs, Ashwin's 12 for 85 is the best performance by an Indian bowler against New Zealand in Tests. New Zealand lose their final seven wickets for 26 runs, where's the backbone?

It was terrific bowling from India's spinners, regularly attacking the stumps, not allowing the batsmen any easy deliveries. It wasn't a minefield that New Zealand made it seem like, and they really should have got much more than 164 after the watchful resistance from McCullum and Williamson.

Post-match presentation:
Ross Taylor: "We couldn't sustain ourselves, the Indian bowling showed us a masterclass. we have come over here in 2010 and drew the first two games without a practice match, we can't use that as an excuse. McCullum and Williamson played very well, myself included and a few other batsmen need to put up more of a fight. The batting, we need to learn how to play Ashwin."

MS Dhoni: "First of all, congratulations to the U-19 world Cup team, Chand batted really well. Here, Pujara batted well, (when we bowled) it was a hard-working wicket, it was difficult to get them out. We were also battling the weather, we were never sure how many overs we would get. Brilliant catching, Viru-pa got some very good catches, Kohli as well. It is something we want to continue. It was important for Pujara as he was coming after an injury, he is someone used to playing big, long innings. He has a good temperament, he can play for long periods, and the stroke-makers can play around him."

R Ashwin is the Man of the Match, for the third time in his four home Tests.

Here's Sharda Ugra's match report. Join us again on the 31st for the second Test, when hopefully New Zealand put up more of a fight. See you all soon, bye!

Ashwin to Martin, OUT, it's all over, Martin's legendary batting record continues, a pair for him, Ashwin gets his second six-for of the match, this one struck Martin low on the pads in front of the stumps, not too much doubt there, the carrom ball struck him on the back leg, in front of middle and off, a comprehensive win sealed for India

CS Martin lbw b Ashwin 0 (1m 3b 0x4 0x6) SR: 0.00

Ashwin to Martin, no run, past the outside edge and to the keeper
Ashwin to Martin, no run, Martin defends is first delivery, not a golden duck then
Ashwin to Boult, OUT, Ashwin finding it all too easy here, Sehwag making slip catching looking easy here as well, he had a shocking time at slip in the recent Sri Lanka series, Ashwin sends in a topspinner, Boult plays down the wrong line, edges it through to slip, Sehwag has to bend low to his right to collect that, makes it seem casual. 138 for 3 to 164 for 9

TA Boult c Sehwag b Ashwin 0 (7m 6b 0x4 0x6) SR: 0.00

New Zealand 3rd innings Partnerships

1st26BB McCullumMJ Guptill
2nd72BB McCullumKS Williamson
3rd7LRPL TaylorKS Williamson
4th33DR FlynnKS Williamson
5th4JEC FranklinDR Flynn
6th3JEC FranklinCFK van Wyk
7th3CFK van WykDAJ Bracewell
8th12JS PatelCFK van Wyk
9th4JS PatelTA Boult
10th0CS MartinJS Patel