Player of the Match
Player of the Match
    3.5 disastrous decision to leave and Strauss is nailed bang in front of middle! Philander has decapitated England in the gloaming at Lord's, the crowd falls silent and Strauss trudges off. He wanted to do anything other than play at Philander, such was his uncertainty, and he ended up shouldering arms to a fullish ball that helds its line, hit him on the knee roll and left Taufel with an easy decision 6/2
    1.2 pitched up and hit bang in front - gone! Philander may have had a quiet series but he starts with a bang here, bringing one back into Cook on a full length, inside the line of his defensive push, similar to his first-inings dismissal at Headingley. Would have gone on to hit the top of off 5/1
    51.1 and that's a magnificent dismissal, Kallis diving to his left to take the catch off a brute of a lifter outside off! Steyn removes Trott again, with his first ball after lunch, it was right on the money, banged in and rising as Trott played with an angled blade, a thick edge soaring into the slips where Kallis closed his big bear hands around it 146/6
    18.3 gone! Smith juggled it but held on at the second attempt. Bell flashing away outside off stump to a back-of-a-length delivery and the top flies towards first slip where it jumps out Smith's hands but he stays calm and grabs the rebound 34/3
    25.6 oh goodness, what a shambles from England! Run out going for a fourth. Sums things up for the home side. Trott flicked it nicely wide of mid-on, the ball pulled up short of the boundary and there was confusion about trying for an all-run four...Trott started and stopped, Taylor committed himself and there was no way back. 45/4
    42.6 got him, bowled! Bairstow stays back and the ball scuttles through low to end a busy, stirring innings. It pitched on leg and spun across, the batsman should have been forward and cou'dn't get his bat down as the ball clattered into off 134/5
    82.4 edged and this time he has to go! Prior's valiant knock is over and England's jig is almost up. Philander has worked the trick, drawing a loose shot drive outside off, clipping the edge and flying low to first slip, where Smith crouches to take it cleanly 294/9
    67.4 and now the short ball works as Broad hooks down to long leg and Amla comes in to take the catch, a good grab too coming in a few yards off the rope and took the catch low down with both hands, so the bouncer works again to Broad 208/7
    78.4 is that a run-out? Yes, it is, Swann is gone! The ball was outside edged short of point, they tried to steal another run, Duminy's throw to the non-striker's end wasn't great but Tahir reacted brilliantly to field the ball and throw it at the stumps, Swann just a few inches short 282/8
    not out
    82.5 full and seaming away, edged ... and taken, low at second slip! Finn goes first ball and that's the match, the series right there in Kallis' big bucket grip! South Africa have held their nerve and Philander has bagged a richly deserved five 294/10
    10 (b 7, nb 1, w 2)
    294 all out (82.5 Overs, RR: 3.54, 363 minutes)
    Fall of wickets: 1-5 (AN Cook, 1.2 ov), 2-6 (AJ Strauss, 3.5 ov), 3-34 (IR Bell, 18.3 ov), 4-45 (JWA Taylor, 25.6 ov), 5-134 (JM Bairstow, 42.6 ov), 6-146 (IJL Trott, 51.1 ov), 7-208 (SCJ Broad, 67.4 ov), 8-282 (GP Swann, 78.4 ov), 9-294 (MJ Prior, 82.4 ov), 10-294 (ST Finn, 82.5 ov)
    M Morkel17.035803.4121
    VD Philander14.543052.0200
    DW Steyn16.046113.8100
    JH Kallis11.025014.5400
    Imran Tahir24.038813.6600

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South Africa , elected to bat first

Series result

South Africa won the 3-match series 2-0

Player of the match

Player of the series

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Hours of play (local time)

11am start, Lunch 13.00-13.40, Tea 15.40-16.00, Close 18.00

Match days

16,17,18,19,20 August 2012 (5-day match)

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Close of Play

  • Thu, 16 Aug - day 1 - South Africa 1st innings 262/7 (VD Philander 46*, DW Steyn 21*, 87.4 ov)
  • Fri, 17 Aug - day 2 - England 1st innings 208/5 (JM Bairstow 72*, MJ Prior 22*, 72 ov)
  • Sat, 18 Aug - day 3 - South Africa 2nd innings 145/3 (HM Amla 57*, DW Steyn 0*, 50 ov)
  • Sun, 19 Aug - day 4 - England 2nd innings 16/2 (IJL Trott 6*, IR Bell 4*, 13 ov)
  • Mon, 20 Aug - day 5 - England 2nd innings 294 (82.5 ov) - end of match

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