Player of the Match
Player of the Match

99 | 4 Runs 2 Wkts | ENG: 264/10

  • Stuart Broad5 (12b)
  • Suraj Randiv26-2-74-4
  • Rangana Herath38-9-97-6

So England lose their fourth Test match in a row and Sri Lanka gain another significant victory. But it was a fabulous Test and another great advert for the best form of the game. George Dobell's report is here and there will be plenty of analysis and reaction coming up on ESPNcricinfo so stick around for all the best coverage. The second match of this series begins next Tuesday, April 3 but before that we have West Indies v Australia in another T20 encounter on Friday at 1900 BST. Until next time, keep netting...

Time for the presentation...

"In truth we made too many mistakes to win the game," Andrew Strauss says. "We left ourselves too much to do, mainly with our batting in the first innings. In international cricket there's no room for mistakes.

"We had a great position in the first innings to go big but we all felt too softly. We probably didn't get the balance between attack and defence right.

"It's frustrating cause I feel like i'm playing well," Strauss says on his own form.

"It's been a tough period for us to get things right but the boys worked really hard to improve as a team and today we showed a lot of character. We just had to hang in there for a while," Mahela Jayawardene says.

"With 340 on the board the bowlers were much more relaxed. Rangana Hearth has been around a long time and Suraj Randiv is settling into his groove now and can become a good bowler for us."

Man of the Match for his 12 wickets is Rangana Herath, who receives a trophy that looks like something off the Krypton Factor.

All 10 wickets in this second innings falling to spin, Herath has 12 in the match...England frailties against spin bowling prove their downfall once again. The last six wickets falling for 31 runs and in the end their record chase attempt proved a bridge too far.

Jonathan Trott played the Dirk Bogarde role with a fabulous innings, giving England a fighting chance but ultimately he received no support, there were only two partnerships above fifty in the second innings and that is simply not good enough to build a big score.

But ultimately it was the first innings failures where England lost this match. Firstly the missed chances against Mahela Jayawardene - who's played the match-winning knock in this game - cost them the chance to bowl Sri Lanka out cheaper and the batting flopped to leave them too far behind and chasing the game.

England did well chasing the game though, fighting back in the third innings and then had chances to fire Sri Lanka out, the last two wickets in that third innings added 87 - enough for the difference between these sides.

For Sri Lanka, they have't played world-beating cricket here but the Jayawardene's - first Mahela's brilliant 180 and then Prasanna's vital 61 - were their stars that set up the chance for the spinners Herath and Randiv to put England under pressure. It's a momentus occasion for Sri Lanka, a first victory at home since Muttiah Muralitharan retired.

Randiv to Panesar, OUT, but he's gone first ball! Caught in the gully and Sri Lanka have won by 75 runs as Panesar probes forward, the turn takes the outside edge and it's well taken down low by Dilshan at slip for his fourth catch of the innings

MS Panesar c Dilshan b Randiv 0 (1m 1b 0x4 0x6) SR: 0.00

So last chance saloon and Monty Panesar...could say he owes England a few runs...

Randiv to Anderson, OUT, forward outside off stump and caught behind! A sharp chance taken by Jayawardene from a feather edge through. Fine delivery, bounce and turn away from Anderson and a tiny nick is good enough to put Sri Lanka on the cusp of victory

JM Anderson c †HAPW Jayawardene b Randiv 5 (3m 6b 1x4 0x6) SR: 83.33

Randiv to Anderson, no run, forward outside off and defended
Randiv to Anderson, FOUR runs, wow, Anderson opens up with a slog sweep over midwicket for a one bounce four, maybe that's the way to play
Randiv to Anderson, no run, forward and blocked on middle and leg
Randiv to Anderson, no run, forward to block on off stump

Is there more drama to come in this Test...

98 | 1 Run 1 Wkt | ENG: 260/8

  • James Anderson1 (1b)
  • Stuart Broad5 (12b)
  • Rangana Herath38-9-97-6
  • Suraj Randiv25-2-70-2
Herath to Anderson, 1 run, forward off an edge behind square on the leg side

So Anderson in as we resume...

That is now tea and the comeback from Sri Lanka has probably won them the game, 81 runs from victory and just Anderson and Panesar to come for England. Swann had to contribute at least a 20 for England to get closer but now it is a long shot once more...see you in 15 minutes...

Herath to Swann, OUT, down for the sweep, missed and given out, referred, England's last and umpire's call on clipping the top of the bails that really is a crucial strike

GP Swann lbw b Herath 1 (12m 9b 0x4 0x6) SR: 11.11

Herath to Swann, no run, forward, dropped into square leg, they turn down the run
Herath to Swann, no run, pushed into the leg side from the crease
Herath to Swann, no run, and again this time more with the bat
Herath to Swann, no run, forward and blocked with bat and pad together

Last over before tea potentially...

97 | 2 Runs | ENG: 259/7

  • Stuart Broad5 (12b)
  • Graeme Swann1 (4b)
  • Suraj Randiv25-2-70-2
  • Rangana Herath37-9-96-5
Randiv to Broad, no run, pushed off the back foot to cover
Randiv to Broad, no run, cut to point and an excellent sliding save
Randiv to Broad, no run, turn past the attempted back square drive
Randiv to Swann, 1 run, worked through square leg off the back foot
Randiv to Swann, no run, Swann down the pitch and missing with an attempted flick, off a whirl of a pad into the off side
Randiv to Broad, 1 run, slapped out through cover

How this game has changed so quickly...

96 | 1 Run | ENG: 257/7

  • Graeme Swann0 (2b)
  • Stuart Broad4 (8b)
  • Rangana Herath37-9-96-5
  • Suraj Randiv24-2-68-2
Herath to Swann, no run, forward on off stump and blocked again
Herath to Swann, no run, forward outside off to drive back to the bowler

England 4th innings Partnerships

1st31AJ StraussAN Cook
2nd17AJ StraussIJL Trott
3rd70KP PietersenIJL Trott
4th34IR BellIJL Trott
5th81IJL TrottMJ Prior
6th19IJL TrottSR Patel
7th4IJL TrottSCJ Broad
8th3GP SwannSCJ Broad
9th5JM AndersonSCJ Broad
10th0MS PanesarSCJ Broad