Player of the Match
Player of the Match

They've taken an unassailable lead, and the third game is a dead rubber. On a Napier track that promised plenty of runs, New Zealand managed a below-par score, suffering a collapse that they were unable to recover from. They had few answers against a classy Hashim Amla in the chase; his partnership with Faf du Plessis setting the tempo for the innings, something JP Duminy helped maintain. The bright spot for New Zealand in their bowling was the performance of Tarun Nethula, and hs duel with Amla, but the hosts showed little fight otherwise after they lost McCullum in their innings.

We'll get you the details from the presentation in just a bit.

McCullum: "8 for 60-odd is not acceptable. We need to have a good hard look at our game, 300 would have been competitive. It was definitely a 300 wicket, they were able to steal the momentum from us in the middle stages. Tarun was exceptional, we didn't field that well. He was good for us, and Andy bowled with good pace and asked a few questions as well. We didn't have enough runs for them. There's a big Test series to come as well, so the game in Auckland is big for a number of reasons."

AB: "We played consistently well today, Morne bowled exceptionally for us and set the trend. Morne just wickets at the right time for us. Always nice when someone starts well up the order like Amla this time, he made it easy for the middle order. Faff is a world-class talent, I'm looking forward to watching him grow into a world-class player. We'd like to do it 3-0."

Morne Morkel is Man of the Match: "I'm very grateful I can put in that kind of performance for the team. I was surprised by the pace and bounce in the wicket, and it's going well for me at the moment. Allan Donald has been great with the bowlers, he's got the experience. Auckland will be quick and bouncy, we've got the momentum with us."

Thanks for tuning in, folks, and sending us your feedback. There's one more match remaining this series and it'll be interesting to see how South Africa fare in these conditions in the Tests. Do join us soon. The report for this game will be updated shortly. Take care, and goodbye.

Mills to de Villiers, 1 run, AB does it delicately, it's a gentle nudge through square leg and South Africa have won comprehensively, taking the series with them
Mills to Ontong, 1 run, short of a good length outside off, turned past square leg for a single, scores level

Should be all over, this over

38 | 14 Runs | SA: 229/4 (2 runs required from 11.4 overs, RR: 6.02, RRR: 0.16)

  • AB de Villiers30 (34b)
  • JL Ontong16 (18b)
  • TG Southee8-0-61-0
  • KD Mills6-1-39-1
Southee to de Villiers, FOUR runs, tries something similar, AB moves away again and Southee generously doles this out on the pads, flicked away to the fine-leg boundary is the result
Southee to de Villiers, no run, AB made room and Southee chased him, pushed it full, was driven to mid-on
Southee to Ontong, 1 run, back of a length outside off, cut away down towards third man for a single
Southee to Ontong, FOUR runs, comes off perfectly this time, short outside off and he middles it like he wants to, short and it's pulled powerfully over midwicket
Southee to Ontong, FOUR runs, Ontong goes for the pull again and it comes off, but not in the desired fashion, short outside off and he gets a top edge over McCullum

Maddy: "Interesting stat....Justin Ontong is 32 yrs old, his highest score in Tests is 32, ODIs is 32 and T20s is also 32....what a coincidence."

Chants of "Booooring" emanating from the crowd, or a section of the crowd

South Africa 2nd innings Partnerships

1st11JH KallisHM Amla
2nd69HM AmlaF du Plessis
3rd87HM AmlaJP Duminy
4th25HM AmlaAB de Villiers
5th39JL OntongAB de Villiers