Player of the Match
Player of the Match

That then brings us to the end of my contribution to the coverage of this Tests. Sriram Veera is still unbeaten, though, and will write in from Jamaica. Until the next Test, this is Sidharth Monga saying so long, and thanks for all the fish

Time for the presentation
MS Dhoni: "I always believe our lower order can perform with the bat, and our part-timers can take wickets. We consider all XI as batsmen. Bhajji batted really well with Raina. PK is a very skilful bowler, and if there is anything for him he will make full use. That's the main reason he got six wickets in this game. The spinners bowled decently, they can improve the line of attack. They can get slightly better. of course it was a bit difficult to bowl with the breeze."

Rahul Dravid is the MoM. He says, "The pitch in 2006 was a lot more difficult. This was a great cricket wicket, that one had lots of shooters and lifters. Kudos to the groundmen. It's a challenge to play Test cricket without warm-ups, but nowadays Test tours are so tight that you don't even have side games. A bit disappointed with my shot in the first innings. Enjoying it as much as ever. Days like this, that's what you play for." Never says the wrong words

Darren Sammy first of all "Showed again today if we bat properly, we can come out victorious. The bowling has been delivering, we need to bat well as a unit. We as batsmen when we got out there we have to focus and be mentally tougher, play the situation, think of the team... We didn't bowl as well as we should have to Harbhajan, and he came out and played very positive, and we reacted too late. That said, we restricted them to 246. As a batting unit, we need to do better... Bishoo has been a good asset. Can't fault the effort of the bowlers. Ravi and Fidel came out and kept doing the job too."

Wise words from Sammy, especially about the batting

Dhoni has now won 15 Tests as India's captain. Only Ganguly, with 21, has more. He carries a stump too. It's a splendid effort after they were 80-odd for 6 on the first morning. For West Indies, as usual, it is a case of those small what-ifs. Oh well. Siddarth Ravindran's Bulletin will soon be up

Raina to Bishoo, OUT, the straighter one does it. A good lesson for the specialist spinners. It's reminiscent of Saqlain Mushtaq's last ball to Srinath in the Chennai Test of 1999. It's a toppie, which hits the dead bat, and turns towards the stumps after pitching. The off bail is nudged off, and fittingly Dravid lifts the first stump

D Bishoo b Raina 26 (36m 33b 2x4 1x6) SR: 78.78

Raina to Edwards, 1 bye, that said, this one turns too much down the leg side, gives them a bye

On comes Raina, who was smart yesterday in bowling a lot of straighter ones, which should be the thing to do when the pitch is turning too much. The other two specialist spinners have simply turned the ball too much to get edges

68 | 4 Runs | WI: 261/9

  • FH Edwards15 (53b)
  • D Bishoo26 (32b)
  • I Sharma17-3-81-3
  • A Mishra13-1-62-2
Sharma to Edwards, 1 run, nice short ball, and Edwards plays it well, soft hands, keeps it down, and steals a single to cover
Sharma to Edwards, no run, leaves the bat hanging outside off, is beaten, and also the ball bounces in front of Dhoni
Sharma to Edwards, 2 runs, overpitched, nicely driven past extra cover, another couple
Sharma to Edwards, no run, short and wide down the leg side. Dhoni made Ishant work, Ishant is now making Dhoni work
Sharma to Bishoo, 1 run, short ball, into the ribs, backs away and fends at, nearly played on

Three slips and a gully

Sharma to Bishoo, no run, angled across, goes for the cut, is beaten

Okay, Dhoni might have thought he will let the quicks a rest, but he has had to bring Ishant back. Have to say the spinners have been disappointing on a pitch that has assisted them

67 | 9 Runs | WI: 257/9

  • FH Edwards12 (49b)
  • D Bishoo25 (30b)
  • A Mishra13-1-62-2
  • Harbhajan Singh16-3-54-1
Mishra to Edwards, no run, big legbreak now, nowhere near the edge although it has beaten him
Mishra to Edwards, no run, angled in, pushed to midwicket

Also this is the highest score of all the innings in this match

Mishra to Bishoo, 3 runs, short, not too wide, but he has cut it away past extra cover, nice shot again - target under 70 now
Mishra to Edwards, 1 run, overpitched, driven down to long-off
Mishra to Bishoo, 1 run, edged away, wide of forward short leg, and they get a single

That sends a midwicket to the fence

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West Indies 4th innings Partnerships

1st62LMP SimmonsAB Barath
2nd1RR SarwanLMP Simmons
3rd17LMP SimmonsDM Bravo
4th68S ChanderpaulDM Bravo
5th1S ChanderpaulBP Nash
6th1BP NashCS Baugh
7th31BP NashDJG Sammy
8th7BP NashR Rampaul
9th35R RampaulFH Edwards
10th39FH EdwardsD Bishoo