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Player of the Match
217dThe Bulletin by Sidharth Monga

West Indies hang on for a tense draw

India made a bold declaration to bring the rain-hit Test to life, and Daren Bravo sucked the life right out of it with an innings of application and resolve

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Best performances - Batsmen

VVS Laxman
87(188) 8x4 - 0x6
Control %91%
  • Productive Shot
  • pull/hook on back foot
  • 28 runs
  • 4x4 - 0x6
12 3 10 9 10 2 6 35
VVS Laxman
85(146) 12x4 - 0x6
Control %88%
  • Productive Shot
  • leg glance
  • 35 runs
  • 5x4 - 0x6
6 11 16 4 12 0 9 27

Best performances - Bowlers

I Sharma
FH Edwards

Scorer: Sanjay Murari | Commentator: Siddarth Ravindran

Bad light, the umpires have ruled that the light isn't good enough to continue. This game is a draw. The bails have been taken off, the teams shake hands, and ironically the sun is peeking out now.

All a bit anti-climactic after the excitement of two wickets.

Well, this has certainly been a more exciting day than I expected at the start of play. Dhoni declaring early, and West Indies always having an outside chance of pulling off the chase. India continue to be winless in Barbados, a ground where they have a very poor record.

The two stars of the day were the 22-year-olds, Ishant Sharma and Darren Bravo. Ishant was easily the best of the Indian bowlers, didn't get the level of support he needed to force a result, he'll at least have a ten-wicket haul to savour. Bravo was dismissed late in the day, but he has shown great temperament on the final day, batting out nearly five hours to keep India at bay.

Baugh also played a flurry of adventurous strokes to keep West Indies' dreaming of a win. He finished unbeaten on 46 off 61, after being dropped on 0 by Dhoni.

Harsha: "When was the last time that India won more than 1 test match on its tours to places other than the sub continent?" Think Zimbabwe, around 2005.

Post-match presentation

MS Dhoni: "Disappointed to some extent, the last session was a well-placed game, it was evenly poised. My plan was ruined because of the rain, we got couple of wickets that were needed but bad light spoiled the party. 280 I thought was enough in this venue since the outfield is slow which means you can add some 30 runs to the target. It was also not easy to play shots on this track.

I think there was fair bit of moisture on the track on the first day, if we had bowled then we might have bowled slightly fuller. Our bowlers have been really good this series, even though some of them have not taken wickets they have put pressure on the batsmen. " He also has plenty of praise for Ishant.

Darren Sammy: "A draw, we will take that. As long as we didn't lose today, I'm quite happy. We had a plan, even down to the last 15 overs we were on course but we lost too many wickets. A repetition of the first Test, we bowled them out cheaply and still we finished the first innings behind. We have to go all out to win and level the Test series. I can't fault the effort of the bowlers in this series, Rampaul bowled well, Fidel got eight wickets. It was also nice to see young Bravo score runs, and also Baugh who has been under some pressure."

Ishant Sharma is the Man of the Match: "I can't forget this kind of bowling, I've never done this kind of bowling ever in my career. The wicket had uneven bounce in the first innings so you just had to put it in the right areas."

Ankit writes in: "Oh yes we must play in darkness a world cup final with foregone conclusion but walk off field when the result is possible because 5 seconds before sun comes out the light meter said the light isn't good enough? Incredulous! " Yup, and that sawdust stoppage cost India valuable time.

Nithin: "Ravi Shaz would have said "ultimately cricket is the winner" but here we can say "weather is the real winner""

Mac: "There is bright sunlight, but the game stopped early for bad light. Not to mention floodlights. And we wonder why Test cricket is not getting any audiences."

I'm all set to call it a night. Thanks a ton for all the fun mails. On behalf of Nitin Sundar and the rest of the ESPNcricinfo gang, this is Siddarth Ravindran signing off. See you in three days!

Sharma to Rampaul, no run, short of length ball angling across, Rampaul shoulders arms

Rampaul has shown himself to be a capable tail-end batsman, but can he deliver in this pressure?

Umpires take a light reading, they seem happy with it for now.

Five slips lie in wait

Sharma to Sammy, OUT, Sammy is gone, can India pull this off now? Sammy is going to be getting any good press after this, it was a full ball from Ishant swinging in, Sammy looks to defend it but the swing sends it past the bat, hit low on the pad, and that was going to take out leg stump, Ishant gets his ten-for, take a bow

DJG Sammy lbw b Sharma 0 (4m 5b 0x4 0x6) SR: 0.00

Sharma to Baugh, 1 leg bye, Baugh attempts a fancy pull shot, lifting his front leg as he plays it, doesn't get close to the ball, off the thigh pad towards square leg

71 | (wicket maiden) | WI: 201/6

  • DJG Sammy0 (4b)
  • CS Baugh46 (60b)
  • A Mithun13-3-50-1
  • I Sharma19-4-53-3
Mithun to Sammy, no run, short of length ball, tight around off, blocked towards gully, he wants a single, Baugh doesn't, no run taken
Mithun to Sammy, no run, length ball outside off, Sammy gets behind the line and defends carefully

With the light likely to be an issue, Mithun will do well to limit the bouncers

Mithun to Sammy, no run, fuller this time, left alone outside off
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    MS Dhoni has been fined 60% of his match fee as India maintained a slow over-rate in the second Test against West Indies in Barbados

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  • No reason to be frustrated - Dhoni

    MS Dhoni has said that he would have loved to have had those extra overs that were lost to bad light, but his team weren't too disappointed that they couldn't force a result

  • West Indies hang on for a tense draw

    India made a bold declaration to bring the rain-hit Test to life, and Daren Bravo sucked the life right out of it with an innings of application and resolve

West Indies 4th innings Partnerships

1st18LMP SimmonsAB Barath
2nd9RR SarwanAB Barath
3rd28AB BarathDM Bravo
4th54S ChanderpaulDM Bravo
5th23MN SamuelsDM Bravo
6th69CS BaughDM Bravo
7th1CS BaughDJG Sammy
8th0CS BaughR Rampaul