Player of the Match
Player of the Match

For the moment, this is Abhishek Purohit signing off, on behalf of my colleagues Nitin Sundar, George Binoy and Binoy George. It's been a pleasure bringing this captivating Test match to you. Do join us for the deciding Test in Cape Town on January 2. Till then, it is good bye. Enjoy on New Year's Eve. Cheers!

Hashim Amla gets a refrigerator for playing 50 Tests. That's it from the presentation. But there is lots more coming your way. Sid Ravindran will have his match bulletin up here. Sid Monga and Firdose Moonda will have lots of analysis and perspective coming in soon.

Dhoni: "Well of course. Especially after the first Test, we came back nicely as far as batting was concerned, but were a bit concerned about our ability to take 20 wickets. Very happy to see the bowlers bounce back here. It is very predictable for me to lose the toss. The wicket didn't misbehave on the first day, I thought 200 was a decent score. Second innings batting was disappointing, we would have liked more runs. We need to improve on that. Zaheer is the best fast bowler we have. He is very good at executing his plans, and also comes up with Plan B whenever a plan does not work. Good to have him in the side. From the end he was bowling, there was not much for the fast bowlers, so he had to bowl long spells. We will party in the night but not get drunk."

VVS Laxman is the Man of the Match: "Credit to the team for fighting back after what happened in Centurion. I got a good ball in the first innings in Centurion, in the second didn't play a proper shot. There is a lot of bounce here in Durban. I just wanted to build a partnership with the lower order. The stand with Zaheer was key. I always take pride in what I do overseas. Beating South Africa in South Africa, that too in Durban, it is definitely up there."

Smith: "India have played really well. It has been a very good Test. Good battle between bat and ball. We fought hard, but couldn't get across the line. We didn't bat well after a long time our batters have let us down. We have some work to do before Cape Town. Its disappointing not to chase down the target today, India kept up the pressure, and credit to Dhoni and his team for bouncing back. They are No 1 in the world, and all bodes well for the Cape Town Test. We have to see how we can bounce back now."

Hang on for the presentation.

Basim wants more: "A tie in the next test would be rivetting."

Jaideep: "Two boxing day tests won by two higher ranked visiting teams from the northern hemisphere who have traveled to the Southern Hemisphere on the 4th day after a crushing defeat in the previous test in the countries that has proved to be their long time nemesis. Any more coincidence??" I guess this much does fine.

Yogesh: "The Dec 16 tests were won by the home teams while the Dec 26 tests have been won by the visiting teams. Whats up for the New year tests ?" The last Test in Cape Town, what a game that one should be. No 1 and No 2, playing the decider.

The Indians are ecstatic. Harbhajan roars, stump in hand. Handshakes all around. What a comeback this has been for India. They were on the wrong end of both tosses at Centurion and here in Durban, but have won in commanding fashion at Kingsmead. Kallis' wicket today was key, and it took an absolute snorter from Sreesanth to remove the great man. And the man who set it all up, Zaheer Khan with six wickets in the match. And not to forget a gem from VVS Laxman, who made 96 when the next highest score in the game was 39. This is South Africa's third straight loss in Durban, and only India's second Test win in South Africa.

Sharma to Tsotsobe, OUT, it's all over for South Africa, Pujara has pulled off a beauty at forward short leg, it was full and on the leg stump, Lonwabo flicked it straight to Pujara, and the momentum took him well outside the crease, Pujara was alert and threw down the stumps in a flash, replays show Tsotsobe was just short of making his ground, India have levelled the series

LL Tsotsobe run out (Pujara) 0 (4m 2b 0x4 0x6) SR: 0.00

Sharma to Tsotsobe, no run, gets one to seam away sharply from back of a length outside off, he takes a step out and leaves it alone

Lonwabo is the last man. Ishant from over the wicket

Sharma to Morkel, OUT, Ishant gets Morne this time! it was back of a length delivery around off from round the stumps, and it straightened just a shade, Morne threw his bat at it, and got an edge that Dhoni gobbled up, and threw the ball in the air in celebration, India need one more wicket now, even Ishant can't keep bowling no balls consistently

M Morkel c †Dhoni b Sharma 20 (48m 47b 3x4 0x6) SR: 42.55

72 | 6 Runs | SA: 215/8

  • AG Prince39 (108b)
  • M Morkel20 (46b)
  • Harbhajan Singh29-5-70-2
  • I Sharma11-0-36-0
Harbhajan Singh to Prince, no run, plays one into the covers and sets off for the single, but is sent back by Morne, and rightly so

These two have added 33 now. 88 more to get

Harbhajan Singh to Prince, no run, gets some bounce around off stump, Prince adjusts to push it out towards extra cover
Harbhajan Singh to Morkel, 1 run, goes on the back foot and punches through extra cover again, but there is protection now on the sweeper boundary
Harbhajan Singh to Morkel, no run, gets a thick outside edge now, and it rolls away to backward point
Harbhajan Singh to Morkel, FOUR runs, Morne rocks back and cuts this short delivery through extra cover for a boundary
Harbhajan Singh to Prince, 1 run, reverse sweeps this one to deep point

71 | 4 Runs | SA: 209/8

  • M Morkel15 (43b)
  • AG Prince38 (105b)
  • I Sharma11-0-36-0
  • Harbhajan Singh28-5-64-2
Sharma to Morkel, 2 runs, lofts this back of a length one intentionally over point off the back foot, and Sree what a game he is having, chases it all the way, puts in the dive near the ropes and saves the boundary
Sharma to Morkel, no run, Morne goes for a swing to one wide outside off stump, but cannot connect
Sharma to Morkel, no run, drives airily off the back foot, but it falls well short of deepish mid off
Sharma to Morkel, no run, punched off the back foot towards deepish mid off
Sharma to Morkel, 1 no ball, Ishant gets the edge as Morne pushes at one a touch wide outside off stump, Sehwag takes the catch at gully, and immediately throws down the ball in disgust, Ishant has overstepped again, Morne stays on
Sharma to Morkel, no run, and gives Morne the bouncer that angles into him, he sees it coming and goes down on it

goes round the stumps now

Sharma to Prince, 1 run, bowls one full and wide outside off stump, Prince stretches forward, gets to the pitch and drives it wide of long off for a single

70 | 1 Run | SA: 205/8

  • M Morkel13 (37b)
  • AG Prince37 (104b)
  • Harbhajan Singh28-5-64-2
  • I Sharma10-0-32-0
Harbhajan Singh to Morkel, no run, another good delivery around off, but this time Morne chooses to leave it alone
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South Africa 4th innings Partnerships

1st63GC SmithAN Petersen
2nd19HM AmlaAN Petersen
3rd0JH KallisHM Amla
4th41JH KallisAB de Villiers
5th13AG PrinceAB de Villiers
6th7MV BoucherAG Prince
7th12AG PrinceDW Steyn
8th27AG PrincePL Harris
9th33AG PrinceM Morkel
10th0AG PrinceLL Tsotsobe