Player of the Match
Player of the Match
    31.6 oh dear, Watson has done it again! He is a disaster in the fifties. Having left the ball so well all innings, Watson is too eager to let go again and this ball started pretty straight, swung back and rapped him straight on the pad in front, umpire Tony Hill thought long before firing his finger up and Watson reviewed but it only confirmed it was clipping the top of off stump 99/2
    11.3 oh dear, shocker from Australia. Watson pushed to cover and set off for a single that was never there, Hughes scampered but in came the throw from Trott, low and flat, Prior collected in front of the stumps, whipped off the bails and Hughes was well short. Dreadful run 53/1
    35.4 Ponting has chopped on! The vigil ends. He really fought hard this innings but this delivery keeps perhaps a fraction low outside off stump, Ponting was defending with an angled bat and it found a fatal inside edge that went onto the stumps 102/3
    52.5 gone! The plan works to perfection, Swann sends one down on the perfect line, the ball rushes straight on to kiss the outside edge and fly to Strauss at second slip. Another one goes, and England are that much closer 134/5
    37.5 Hussey gone for a duck! Bresnan has another and Australia are tottering now. Bresnan hung it outside off stump, it just stuck in the pitch a fraction and Hussey pushed it airily to Bell at short cover who made a tough chance look simple 104/4
    61.5 that's that, Smith's promising innings ends with a drag on. Not the best delivery Anderson will ever bowl - short outside off stump - and the pull shot finds a bottom edge that goes onto the stumps. Anderson gives Smith a stern look by way of celebration 158/6
    not out
    67.5 there's the first one! Johnson pokes leaden-footed from the crease to a good length delivery on off stump and an inside edge cannons into off stump. Just two more to go 172/7
    84.2 but perhaps that is misplaced! Siddle won't get that maiden fifty today, his innings nevertheless ends with a career-best 40 as he aims to loft Swann straight down the ground but doesn't get the best connection and the ball lands safely in Pietersen's hands running round from long-on 258/8
    85.4 on a length, regulation edge, and they're there! Prior tumbles to his left to hold the catch and starts the celebrations. Tim Bresnan seals the game and the Ashes for England 258/10
    absent hurt
    9 (b 1, lb 6, w 2)
    258 all out (85.4 Overs, RR: 3.01, 354 minutes)
    Fall of wickets: 1-53 (PJ Hughes, 11.3 ov), 2-99 (SR Watson, 31.6 ov), 3-102 (RT Ponting, 35.4 ov), 4-104 (MEK Hussey, 37.5 ov), 5-134 (MJ Clarke, 52.5 ov), 6-158 (SPD Smith, 61.5 ov), 7-172 (MG Johnson, 67.5 ov), 8-258 (PM Siddle, 84.2 ov), 9-258 (BW Hilfenhaus, 85.4 ov)
    JM Anderson20.017113.5510
    CT Tremlett17.037114.1700
    GP Swann27.0115922.1800
    TT Bresnan21.485042.3010

Close of Play

  • Sun, 26 Dec - day 1 - England 1st innings 157/0 (AJ Strauss 64*, AN Cook 80*, 47 ov)
  • Mon, 27 Dec - day 2 - England 1st innings 444/5 (IJL Trott 141*, MJ Prior 75*, 136 ov)
  • Tue, 28 Dec - day 3 - Australia 2nd innings 169/6 (BJ Haddin 11*, MG Johnson 6*, 66 ov)
  • Wed, 29 Dec - day 4 - Australia 2nd innings 258 (85.4 ov) - end of match

Match Notes