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Barresi carries Netherlands to major victory

Netherlands secured their first one-day international victory against a Full Member nation as Wesley Barresi hit a match-winning 65 off 43 balls against Bangladesh in Glasgow

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The Netherlands win by 6 wickets with an over and a ball to spare, and they made it look comfortable too, with Zuiderent and Barresi seeing the Dutch home. Bangladesh batting well in the first 15 overs but then crumbled to an average score which they would have still fancied to defend. They had their own fair share of chances, with some dropped catches and horrible mis-fields but credit to the Netherlands batsmen who didn't succumb to the pressure of a collapse.

This victory also qualifies the Netherlands for the ICC ODI ranking table, along with other associates Ireland and Kenya. Bangladesh will be disappointed after loosing to Ireland last week as well as they struggle to establish the gap between them and the associate nations. However, I think the victory has to go to the Netherlands, rather than Bangladesh loosing the game.

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Shafiul Islam to Barresi, FOUR runs, full volley outside off-stump, Barresi angles the bat away and it runs away behind third man for four runs
Shafiul Islam to Barresi, 2 runs, cut away in front of point and they take two quickly
Shafiul Islam to Barresi, no run, fuller length and he can only dig away the yorker

6 runs needed now

Shafiul Islam to Barresi, FOUR runs, hit hard through midwicket, beats the close fielders and races away for four
Shafiul Islam to Barresi, no run, blocked back to the bowler, good length

28 | 8 Runs | NL: 190/4 (10 runs required from 12 balls, RR: 6.78, RRR: 5.00)

  • B Zuiderent35 (43b)
  • W Barresi55 (38b)
  • Shakib Al Hasan5-1-28-2
Shakib Al Hasan to Zuiderent, no run, great diving stop in the covers from the captain Masrafe

Netherlands 2nd innings Partnerships

1st61AN KervezeeES Szwarczynski
2nd26ES SzwarczynskiTLW Cooper
3rd9PW BorrenES Szwarczynski
4th8B ZuiderentES Szwarczynski
5th96B ZuiderentW Barresi