Player of the Match
Player of the Match

India are all out for 243, out of which Tendulkar made 105. Gem of an innings. Well done Bangladesh. Five to Shahadat and Shakib, who has taken his sixth five-wicket haul in 15 Tests. Bangladesh have set themselves up well here, and now they need to do what Shakib said at the toss - bat a full day. Tendulkar's innings has given India's total some respectability and the bowlers need to do a Bangladesh and dismiss the opposition cheaply. Fascinating contest has been set up. Yay for Tests.

Don't go far because the home team will be out to bat soon.

Ashwath from India: "I think this probably would be one of the few times that "doing a Bangladesh" would be a positive thing. Go Bangladesh! Beating India would definitely be the greatest achievement in their history but there is a lot of cricket still to be played."

Nathan, also from India: "Well done Bangladesh. Clinical performance by Bangladesh, bowling to their strength and attacked tail enders. Guys Tendulkar lone fighter for India. Stop saying he has not won matches for India."

Shakib Al Hasan to Sreesanth, OUT, all over, and five for the captain! Pitches well outside leg stump and turns in to Sreesanth who tries to turn it away past short leg but instead gets a leading edge that balloons up and settles in silly point's hands as he takes a few steps back
Shakib Al Hasan to Sreesanth, no run, pitches leg and turns across, he covers the line and leaves
Shakib Al Hasan to Sreesanth, no run, gets a bigger stride forward and defends well
Shakib Al Hasan to Sreesanth, no run, turn and bounce, breaks away from middle and leg, he stabs at it and does well to remove the top hand as the ball drops short of the catchers
Shakib Al Hasan to Sreesanth, no run, tossed up and defended nicely

Slip, gully, silly point and short leg ...

70 | 4 Runs | INDIA: 243/9

  • SR Tendulkar105 (166b)
  • S Sreesanth1 (7b)
  • Shahadat Hossain18-2-71-5
  • Shakib Al Hasan29-10-62-4
Shahadat Hossain to Tendulkar, no run, aims the yorker outside off, Tendulkar starts to come out but then holds back and the over ends with a dot

Bangladesh 4th innings Partnerships

1st8Tamim IqbalImrul Kayes
2nd39Shahriar NafeesTamim Iqbal
3rd32Mohammad AshrafulTamim Iqbal
4th18Tamim IqbalRaqibul Hasan
5th38Shakib Al HasanTamim Iqbal
6th10Mushfiqur RahimShakib Al Hasan
7th25MahmudullahMushfiqur Rahim
8th60Shahadat HossainMushfiqur Rahim
9th28Mushfiqur RahimShafiul Islam
10th43Mushfiqur RahimRubel Hossain