Player of the Match
Player of the Match
    23.6 Raina strikes, good stumping. Tharanga comes down the track again, Raina fires it in, the ball deflects off Tharanga's pads, goes one bounce and way down the leg side to Dhoni, but Tharanga is way out himself 188/1
    39.1 he has bowled him, he roars in delight, another double hundred missed, but Harbhajan has brought India right back in. He has just started his last over, Dilshan charges out, is beaten by the dip, the ball pitches on a length outside off, turns in enough to hit the stumps. Game on here 339/4
    36.3 PK creates a third opportunity and finally someone holds onto it. Another slower bouncer, Sanga gets a top edge on the pull and Jadeja holds on to a simple catch at deep square leg. PK exults, it's been a tough day full of misfortune for him. But Sanga, take a bow, what an innings 316/2
    37.3 and Jaya goes, charges down too early, Harbhajan bowls flatter, shorter, and it's a normal offbreak. He is clearly beaten in the flight, looks to fend but can't cover the line and the ball sneaks through bat and pad, and Dhoni finishes the stumping efficiently 328/3
    40.2 MJ has committed suicide here, MJ works it towards square leg with soft hands and makes up his mind he is coming back for two. Kohli hares around from deep midwicket and surprises everybody with his speed. Even though the throw is two bounces to Dhoni, even a dive can't save MJ 345/5
    48.2 have they got a run-out here? superb collection on a half-volley from Zaheer and Kandamby is gone. It is a short ball, pulled to Tendulkar at midwicket, he is already on the back foot and comes through for one. The lands in front of the stumps but on a half-volley, Zaheer collects cleanly and disturbs the stumps, with Kandamby running casually - not diving, not sliding the bat. Did somebody say Ranatunga? 401/6
    49.4 and Tendulkar has held onto the most important catch of the match. The first hittable delivery of the over, a low fulltoss, Mathews gets under it, but doesn't get enough elevation and Tendulkar holds on to a simple catch at midwicket. Crowd goes wild, SL dressing room is stunned 409/8
    48.6 and he finishes with another yorker and another run-out and what's more, the new batsman will be on strike. Samaraweere manages to dig out the yorker, but it's hit straight to Raina at extra cover, Zaheer is back to collect the throw, which is on the top of the stumps, and another wicket goes down 404/7
    not out
    not out
    21 (lb 7, nb 1, w 13)
    411/8 (50 Overs, RR: 8.22)
    Did not bat: CRD Fernando
    Fall of wickets: 1-188 (WU Tharanga, 23.6 ov), 2-316 (KC Sangakkara, 36.3 ov), 3-328 (ST Jayasuriya, 37.3 ov), 4-339 (TM Dilshan, 39.1 ov), 5-345 (DPMD Jayawardene, 40.2 ov), 6-401 (SHT Kandamby, 48.2 ov), 7-404 (TT Samaraweera, 48.6 ov), 8-409 (AD Mathews, 49.4 ov)
    P Kumar9.006717.442510110
    A Nehra10.008118.10188131
    Z Khan10.008808.80199220
    RA Jadeja8.007309.12156360
    Harbhajan Singh10.005825.80224100
    SK Raina3.0037112.3330410

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Sri Lanka , elected to field first

Series result

India led the 5-match series 1-0

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Hours of play (local time)

09.00 start, First Session 09.00-12.30, Interval 12.30-13.15, Second Session 13.15-16.45

Match days

15 December 2009 (50-over match)

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