Player of the Match
Player of the Match
    9.3 Nehra gets the big wicket of Chris Gayle in his comeback game. It was short in length and Gayle went for the pull but mistimed it wide of mid-on where Harbhajan ran to his left to take a neat catch. 65/1
    15.5 slightly short on middle and spinning down leg, Morton tries to tickle that fine but it goes straight to the keeper Dhoni who appeals for caught-behind and wins the umpire's approval, Morton wasn't happy there, we'll need replays to confirm what happened. It seems to have gone off the thigh pad 100/2
    24.6 Sarwan is run out. He cut to deep backward point and turned for the second run. But couldn't make it back in time to beat the throw from RP Singh. Dhoni broke the stumps to beat the desperate lunge from Sarwan 151/3
    35.4 But he has holed out to deep midwicket now. Chanderpaul moved down the track, Yusuf bowled on his legs and its flicked straight to the fielder. 224/5
    31.5 high full toss, Bravo edges the attempted pull to cover where Rohit Sharma catches the ball and throws at the non-striker's end. It was above waist-high and Bravo was expecting it to be called a no-ball. Perhaps, that's what Rohit also thought as he went for the run out. But the umpires have ruled Bravo out. No no-ball signal came and Bravo walked off unhappily. His young brother walks in. 188/4
    38.3 Darren looked to step out but the bowler shortened the length and he top edged the pull to RP at deep midwicket. 99 from 69 balls. Just four wickets in hand. 241/6
    39.3 skidded on from short of length towards the middle stump, Taylor went for the big pull, missed and was caught in front. 250/7
    48.1 And India win the game by 20 runs. Ramdin went for the big hit over mid-off but couldn't clear the cordon. Harbhajan Singh takes the catch at mid-off and hugs Yuvraj. Fine effort from West Indies to come close but no cigar. India might wonder how it go so close in the end despite the absence of any top-order batsmen or any power hitters. The wides and the numerous deliveries on and outside the leg stump would have made Dhoni lose some more hair. Hang on for post-match ceremony. 319/10
    44.5 Bernard walks down the track and swings it powerfully to deep midwicket boundary and Rohit, who was a few metres inside the boundary, had to retreat and he lunged back to hold on to a good catch. 294/8
    47.4 Clatter! Full in length, moves in, Benn goes for the leg side, has a big swing but missed it completely. Baker walks in. 22 from 14. 318/9
    not out
    29 (b 4, lb 4, nb 2, w 19)
    319 all out (48.1 Overs, RR: 6.62)
    Fall of wickets: 1-65 (CH Gayle, 9.3 ov), 2-100 (RS Morton, 15.5 ov), 3-151 (RR Sarwan, 24.6 ov), 4-188 (DJ Bravo, 31.5 ov), 5-224 (S Chanderpaul, 35.4 ov), 6-241 (DM Bravo, 38.3 ov), 7-250 (JE Taylor, 39.3 ov), 8-294 (DE Bernard, 44.5 ov), 9-318 (SJ Benn, 47.4 ov), 10-319 (D Ramdin, 48.1 ov)
    RP Singh7.004416.28225131
    A Nehra7.114936.83154121
    I Sharma5.003817.60115010
    RA Jadeja7.013404.85191100
    YK Pathan8.005637.00172240
    Harbhajan Singh10.005615.60294130
    Yuvraj Singh4.003408.50101300

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