Player of the Match
Player of the Match
    16.6 Hauritz strikes! A shortish ball again, Strauss tries to repeat the square cut and it bounces a fraction more, all he gets on it is a thin top-edge that Brad Haddin gloves nicely 46/4
    4.3 gone! Straight ball this time, no movement in the air or off the pitch, Cook quite simply misses the ball and is trapped dead in front. Aleem Dar sticks up the finger at world-record pace 13/1
    5.3 and Hilfenhaus strikes! Hilfenhaus pitches it in line and it moves away a fraction, striking Bopara on the top flap of the pad. Doctrove sends him on his way. 17/2
    10.4 oh KP what have you done! That's an awful piece of judgment as Hilfenhaus pitches one on off, it doesn't move off the line, Pietersen leaves it alone and has his off stump knocked out of the ground. 31/3
    93.3 he's dropped him, has he? Parries it - no he's caught him! Collingwood is out! He went back, trying to force it off the back foot but edged it high to Hussey at gully who parried it above his head, and he clung on the second time 233/9
    26.3 Hauritz again! This one bounces more, and turns, and Prior tries for that late-cut that he likes, but the extra bounce does him in and the edge is snapped up well by Clarke at slip diving to his right 70/5
    49.4 got him! Flintoff prods forward meekly and weakly to one which just held its line and it just carries to Ponting, low at second slip 127/6
    66.4 gone! This one skidded through somewhat pitching on off and going on with the arm, Broad can't get bat on ball, and he is comprehensively plumb 159/7
    86.1 gone! He's got him! A straight delivery on middle-and-off, too full to pull and Swann's trapped in front - kept a little low and that's plumb 221/8
    not out
    not out
    33 (b 9, lb 9, nb 11, w 4)
    252/9 (105 Overs, RR: 2.40, 414 minutes)
    Fall of wickets: 1-13 (AN Cook, 4.3 ov), 2-17 (RS Bopara, 5.3 ov), 3-31 (KP Pietersen, 10.4 ov), 4-46 (AJ Strauss, 16.6 ov), 5-70 (MJ Prior, 26.3 ov), 6-127 (A Flintoff, 49.4 ov), 7-159 (SCJ Broad, 66.4 ov), 8-221 (GP Swann, 86.1 ov), 9-233 (PD Collingwood, 93.3 ov)
    MG Johnson22.044422.0041
    BW Hilfenhaus15.034733.1304
    PM Siddle18.025112.8302
    NM Hauritz37.0126331.7002
    MJ Clarke3.00802.6600
    MJ North7.041402.0000
    SM Katich3.00702.3300

Close of Play

  • Wed, 8 Jul - day 1 - England 1st innings 336/7 (JM Anderson 2*, SCJ Broad 4*, 90 ov)
  • Thu, 9 Jul - day 2 - Australia 1st innings 249/1 (SM Katich 104*, RT Ponting 100*, 71 ov)
  • Fri, 10 Jul - day 3 - Australia 1st innings 479/5 (MJ North 54*, BJ Haddin 4*, 139 ov)
  • Sat, 11 Jul - day 4 - England 2nd innings 20/2 (AJ Strauss 6*, KP Pietersen 3*, 7 ov)
  • Sun, 12 Jul - day 5 - England 2nd innings 252/9 (105 ov) - end of match

Match Notes