Player of the Match
Player of the Match

50 | 12 Runs | AUS: 264/7 (26 runs required, RR: 5.28)

  • JR Hopes63 (60b)
  • B Geeves10 (11b)
  • WD Parnell9-0-47-0
  • DW Steyn10-0-44-0

The players shake hands with each other and walk off. The crowd slowly start to clear away. Australia got off to a slow start in the chase with their openers Haddin and Clarke suffocated by some tight bowling from Steyn and Parnell. Then the spinners took over on this dry track and Australia lost their way further. Ferguson and Hopes revived the innings in the lower middle-order but they were left with too much to do.

Ponting: It was (too many to chase in the end). de villiers and kallis played well and kept wickets in the hand for the end. That's what we didn't have. We got to lift our games ...

Man of the Match: Kallis: "We felt the wicket was quite slow. We were looking for 250 260 initially but when we give platform to guys like Albie, they can push it futher. The new guys coming in are contributing and it's nice. There is a world cup coming up and there is still lot of cricket left in this body."

Smith: "We have learned to back our spinners and they have stepped up. Today we played the game clinically well. AB and Jacques showed they were prepared to do hard work and played very skilfully,. The wicket was slow throughout; we just wanted to get to the end with wickets in hand. It was a professional evening and very happy for the guys. 2 -1 up now, we would like to be clinical and finish on Monday. I have said to the guys that lets finish the season on a high."

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Parnell to Hopes, 2 runs, full pitched on the stumps, driven to long-off for couple of runs .. And South Africa win by 25 runs. They take the lead in the series.
Parnell to Geeves, 1 bye, lovely slower one outside off, Geeves is through with the shot too early and Boucher collects
Parnell to Geeves, 4 leg byes, another across-the-line swipe, misses it and it bounds away off the thigh pad through the vacant slip region
Parnell to Geeves, 4 byes, big swing and a miss. But Boucher also fails to stop the slower one that bounces before him and runs through ...
Parnell to Hopes, 1 run, full again, gets it down to long-off, Mitchell had turned for the second but Hopes sends him back and he gets back just in time

Australia 2nd innings Partnerships

1st30BJ HaddinMJ Clarke
2nd36RT PontingMJ Clarke
3rd14MJ ClarkeDJ Hussey
4th3MEK HusseyDJ Hussey
5th31DJ HusseyCJ Ferguson
6th97JR HopesCJ Ferguson
7th15JR HopesMG Johnson
8th38JR HopesB Geeves