Player of the Match
Player of the Match

Bangladesh win by 79 runs and win the series 3-0. Ireland were never in the game, they lost wickets regularly. Neil O'Brien played well for his 70. Tamim Iqbal is the Man-of-the-Match for his wonderful knock of 129. Shahriar Nafees picks up the Man-of-the-Series award.Thanks for being with us, it is bye from all of us here at Cricinfo.

Abdur Razzak to Thompson, OUT, looks to drive, misses it, drags his feet outside the crease and Dhiman collects the ball and whips off the bails.

GJ Thompson st †Dhiman Ghosh b Abdur Razzak 2 (27m 19b 0x4 0x6) SR: 10.52

Abdur Razzak to Thompson, no run, cuts and misses.
Abdur Razzak to Langford-Smith, 1 run, cut to point.

Ireland 2nd innings Partnerships

1st34WTS PorterfieldR Strydom
2nd14EJG MorganR Strydom
3rd39NJ O'BrienR Strydom
4th39NJ O'BrienKJ O'Brien
5th4AC BothaNJ O'Brien
6th24NJ O'BrienAR Cusack
7th0DT JohnstonNJ O'Brien
8th36WK McCallanNJ O'Brien
9th6NJ O'BrienGJ Thompson
10th18GJ ThompsonD Langford-Smith