Player of the Match
Player of the Match
    31.5 And another big one for Tremlett! Just after he was carted away with disdain he strikes back. Ganguly opens the face of the bat to a shortish ball outside the off in an attempt to run the ball to third-man. There's a thick edge and Matt Prior throws himself to his left and catches the ball. Tremlett allows himself a big smile and why not? He's just got England another breakthrough that could well put them in charge of this match 149/4
    9.6 The sucker punch! Anderson bangs one in short of a length and outside the off. The ball climbs on Sachin Tendulkar as he shapes to cut. As the ball reaches the bat Tendulkar seems to be in two minds over whether to try and keep the ball down or uppercut it over point. In the end he does neither and slaps the ball straight to the man at point. Paul Collingwood settles under the simple catch and England have broken through. This is some quality bowling from England's fast bowlers first up 35/1
    10.5 And another one bites the dust. It's almost an action replay of the the Tendulkar dismissal. This time it's Stuart Broad with the short ball outside the off stump. Karthik sees it and gently, ever so gently, guides the ball to Alastair Cook in the off side. That is a soft dismissal if there ever was one, and Karthik fails to make use of the chance he has been afforded, being promoted to No. 3. England are in business here! 36/2
    29.5 Gone! That's the big one! Paul Collingwood won't mind the runs Tremlett has given away as he's come up with the big wicket here. The ball was pitched just short of a driving length and in that zone a shade outside the off stump. Dravid went for the drive but with a slightly angled bat. A thick inside edge and the ball went right back into the stumps, giving Tremlett his first chance to celebrate all innings! That's a huge wicket and one India really did not want to lose at this stage 140/3
    43.3 Gone! Zaheer does the unthinkable. He plays a defensive shot down to the off side and takes a couple of steps down the pitch. Yuvraj responds immediately and sprints down the pitch. Just as soon as he sees Yuvraj coming Zaheer changes his mind and decides he doesn't want the run. By now Yuvraj has come half way down the pitch and has little chance of getting back. Ian Bell swoops down on the ball and returns it to Monty Panesar who whips the bails off and Yuvraj is well short of his crease. That should be the end of that as far as India's challenge is concerned .... 214/8
    38.2 Gone! Short, a bit of width, Dhoni's eyes light up and he gets in really good position to play the cut shot. Once in position Dhoni gives it all he's got, thrashing the ball really hard. But, just like Tendulkar earlier in the day, it's neither kept down nor hit high up and travels to Paul Collingwood at a comfortable catching height, even if at scorching pace. Collingwood latches on to the chance - he's not like to miss these - and the bowling change has worked. Huge wicket for England with India still needing 92 190/5
    42.1 Got him! Another wicket falls to a short ball! It's outside the off, sits up and could have been hit anywhere really. What Powar does though, instead of taking the single and giving the strike to Yuvraj, is go for glory himself. The result is a hard club to midwicket where Ian Bell latches onto a sharp catch and makes it that much harder for India. Not very intelligent batting this from Powar. 210/6
    42.5 Yet another soft dismissal and India get one more wicket closer to defeat in this match. Piyush Chawla gets a fullish ball outside the off and only manages to move into line and uppishly scoop the ball to the off side. Once again it's Ian Bell who is prowling in the area and takes a good catch diving forward. That's the 7th Indian wicket gone 213/7
    47.1 Finally one is on the stumps. Panesar tosses the ball up, it dips nicely, pitches and straightens after pitching. Zaheer has a blind swipe across the line, trying to deposit the ball out of the ground perhaps, but misses. The ball heads dead straight and pegs the off stump back. Just one wicket now and England will have a 2-1 lead in this series 234/9
    not out
    48.1 Full, straight, fast and deadly. That's the finish you want from a fast bowler when he's bowling to a regulation No. 11. Anderson unveils the leg-stump yorker and Munaf has no answer. The timber is rattled and it's all over as England take this game by 42 runs 239/10
    15 (lb 10, nb 2, w 3)
    239 all out (48.1 Overs, RR: 4.96)
    Fall of wickets: 1-35 (SR Tendulkar, 9.6 ov), 2-36 (KD Karthik, 10.5 ov), 3-140 (R Dravid, 29.5 ov), 4-149 (SC Ganguly, 31.5 ov), 5-190 (MS Dhoni, 38.2 ov), 6-210 (RR Powar, 42.1 ov), 7-213 (PP Chawla, 42.5 ov), 8-214 (Yuvraj Singh, 43.3 ov), 9-234 (Z Khan, 47.1 ov), 10-239 (MM Patel, 48.1 ov)
    SCJ Broad9.013413.77364010
    JM Anderson9.133233.49426000
    CT Tremlett8.005727.12248012
    MS Panesar10.004914.90312200
    PD Collingwood10.004524.50292110
    RS Bopara2.001206.0051000

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