Player of the Match
Player of the Match
    3.5 Super catch from Sangakkara! Maharoof realises the new year has long dawned and hustles McCullum with a good-length delivery that jags back in and cuts McCullum into half. McCullum stabs at it and it goes off the inside edge and goes to left of the keeper. A great acrobatic effort from Sangakkara does the trick. Super delivery that. Wonderful nip-backer. 17/2
    2.1 Gone! Vaas nails Fleming! Landed on a length, around middle stump, moved in and Fleming was beaten on the forward prod. It was probably brushing the legstump. Umpire Baxter definitely thinks so. 5/1
    4.2 Taylor is stitched up by Vaas. After harassing him with deliveries angling away, he brings this one back in. Taylor is surprised, and is caught at the crease, the ball thuds into the pad, right in front of the middle stump. Dead duck! Sri Lanka are running hot here. That 263 looks a long distance away 17/3
    11.1 Strikes rightaway! Beaten for pace! Full on a length, outside the offstump, comes back in, Fulton is driving down the wrong lane and the ball thuds into his pad, in front of the offstump, and he is a goner. Five down for 37 and New Zealand are limping here at Auckland. 37/5
    6.4 Another one bites the dust! And then there were six. Again Vaas brings one back in, after a taking out few deliveries, and the champion bowler goes up in screeching appeal and ends up with a smile. Marshall had got his front feet too much across, tries to play around it and is trapped in front. 25/4
    not out
    13.1 Ouch! Fast and furious, swung in late and crashed into the left boot of Adams. He is hobbling in pain and to his horror, he has been given out lbw. The first bad decision of the innings. It was going to miss the legstump. definitely. Now Adams has to limp his way back into the hutch. He would need some treatment for that hit to his feet. 39/6
    17.3 Malinga cons the ex cop. With a slower one. Bond is completely deceived, ends up playing too early, across the line, and the leading edge is swallowed up by a delighted Malinga. And then there were three. And er... Muralitharan is yet to bowl. 49/7
    18.6 Fernando doesn't want to be left behind. And he gets rid of Gillespie. Again Gillespie stands outside leg, shuffles away even futher, and pushes at a length-delivery on the offstump line. Edge and taken. New Zealand are in the danger of being shot out for their lowest score. Only McMillan can save them from that embarrasment, but will he be stranded? 54/8
    24.2 Murali joins in the carnage. Big offbreak, lands well outside the offstump, short in length, Patel sees the line and the length and shapes to cut. Mistake. The ball rips in and keeps a touch low, and thuds into the middle stump. 71/9
    26.3 The series is level! Murali traps Mason with a fullish one. New Zealand are shot out for their second lowest score ever. 74 was that mark and now they have been bundled out, for one run less, by swing of Vaas, pace of Malinga and the guile of Murali. It was tossed up, full, on middle and leg stump line, Mason has a swing across the line and is trapped. It would have hit the leg stump. The series is alive and all to play for in the Tuesday's decider. 73/10
    5 (lb 2, nb 2, w 1)
    73 all out (26.3 Overs, RR: 2.75)
    Fall of wickets: 1-5 (SP Fleming, 2.1 ov), 2-17 (BB McCullum, 3.5 ov), 3-17 (LRPL Taylor, 4.2 ov), 4-25 (HJH Marshall, 6.4 ov), 5-37 (PG Fulton, 11.1 ov), 6-39 (AR Adams, 13.1 ov), 7-49 (SE Bond, 17.3 ov), 8-54 (MR Gillespie, 18.6 ov), 9-71 (JS Patel, 24.2 ov), 10-73 (MJ Mason, 26.3 ov)
    WPUJC Vaas8.031031.25411000
    SL Malinga8.031431.75433000
    MF Maharoof4.002716.75155011
    CRD Fernando4.011313.25182001
    M Muralitharan2.30722.80111000

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