Player of the Match
Player of the Match

That the end of a remarkable Test, and we now have a nine-day break before it all starts again at Perth. From me, Martin Williamson, be Will Luke and Jenny Thompson thanks for joining us and for all your kind emails. Join us on Thursday week when we start all over again. Goodnight.

Post-match Andrew Flintoff: "We played a lot of good cricket apart from an hour today. I was pleased with the side we went into this match with. I'm not in a great mood at the moment .... we've got to bounce back."

Ricky Ponting: "We've worked exceptionally hard... to turn it round today was an amazing effort. We've just shown how good a team we are and we've answered all the critics."

Duncan Fletcher: "One bad session can cost you the match. I've got to speak to the batters and ask why they closed up ... the instructions were to have a go like we did yesterday. We included Giles because we wanted to bat to No. 8 ... we think Ashley can do a better job at that."

Man of the Match Ricky Ponting

Presentations and the like coming soon ... in the meantime, check out the day's photo gallery ... If you want to chat to the commentators, then click here ... but be kind, it's been a long five days ...

Australia embark on a lap of honour as the ground, which has filled up as the day has gone on, stands to acknowledge them.

Anderson to Hussey, 1 run, that's it ... Hussey drives through extra cover and punches the air and jumps around as well he might. Australia, seemingly down and out after two days, have recorded a remarkable win. Handshakes all round, and the grinning Australians emerge from the pavilion to meet the hangdog English side at the boundary edge ...
Anderson to Hussey, FOUR, Hussey leans back and hammers that with a short-arm pull high over wide mid-on, He punches the air ... almost there ...
Anderson to Hussey, no run, blocked

Australia 4th innings Partnerships

1st14JL LangerML Hayden
2nd19ML HaydenRT Ponting
3rd83RT PontingMEK Hussey
4th5DR MartynMEK Hussey
5th47MEK HusseyMJ Clarke