Player of the Match
Player of the Match

England have won with two days to spare, by an innings and 120 runs. It's a crushing result, their most emphatic performance in recent memory, and only the team's third win in 11 matches since the Ashes. They lead the series 1-0, with the third Test starting at Headingley on Friday.

Superb work from Jones, who has four catches and a stumping in this innings, yet another five-wicket haul for him. As it is for Steve Harmison, who adds figures of 5 for 57 to his 6 for 19 in the first innings, and Monty Panesar, the only other man to take wickets for England. He has eight to his name, with one run-out completing the tally

That's it from the live commentary team. Hope you've enjoyed the coverage. Don't forget to read Will Luke's bulletin, which will be updated shortly. And check out our match gallery as well. Andrew McGlashan and Osman Samiuddin will also be filing their views, with much emphasis, no doubt, on the performances of Monty Panesar and Steve Harmison. From myself, Andrew Miller, as well as Martin Williamson and Jenny Thompson, goodbye and see you next time. And don't forget to send us your feedback - good, bad or ugly.

Harmison to Abdul Razzaq, OUT, and that's the victory! Another short ball, a swirling top-edge. Jones with the gloves calls for it and hurtles forward, clutches it well, and flings it high into the air to spark the celebrations!

67 | (maiden) | PAK: 222/9

  • Danish Kaneria4 (13b)
  • Abdul Razzaq13 (40b)
  • MS Panesar27-4-72-5
  • SJ Harmison18-3-57-4

Strauss signals that Harmison has this over to finish it, and no more

Panesar to Danish Kaneria, no run, and left alone
Panesar to Danish Kaneria, no run, shoulders arms again
Panesar to Danish Kaneria, no run, big rip and bounce. The wrist spinner can only wish he'd found similar grip on this surface
Panesar to Danish Kaneria, no run, watchful from the No. 11
Panesar to Danish Kaneria, no run, outside off, and left alone
Panesar to Danish Kaneria, no run, middle-and-leg. Tweaks. Defended

66 | 9 Runs | PAK: 222/9

  • Abdul Razzaq13 (40b)
  • Danish Kaneria4 (7b)
  • SJ Harmison18-3-57-4
  • MS Panesar26-3-72-5

Monty returns for another stab

Harmison to Abdul Razzaq, no run, and more circumspect to finish
Harmison to Abdul Razzaq, FOUR runs, another short ball, and another aggressive swat through midwicket! Well done him. He's not going to die wondering
Harmison to Abdul Razzaq, no run, on the legs, and ricochets to square leg
Harmison to Abdul Razzaq, FOUR runs, aggressive intent from Razzaq, and why not? Emphatic pull in front of square
Harmison to Abdul Razzaq, no run, pushed firmly to point
Harmison to Abdul Razzaq, 1 wide, doesn't quite get his new line right this time

Pakistan 3rd innings Partnerships

1st21Kamran AkmalImran Farhat
2nd39Imran FarhatYounis Khan
3rd41Mohammad YousufYounis Khan
4th16Inzamam-ul-HaqYounis Khan
5th44Faisal IqbalYounis Khan
6th13Abdul RazzaqFaisal Iqbal
7th20Shahid AfridiAbdul Razzaq
8th0Abdul RazzaqMohammad Sami
9th14Abdul RazzaqUmar Gul
10th14Abdul RazzaqDanish Kaneria
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