Pakistan tour of England and Scotland 2006 News

  • A bad precedent

    Simon Barnes, in the Times , criticises the ICC for changing the status of the controversial Oval Test in 2006 from that of a forfeited match to a draw.

  • How to win friends and influence cricket matches

    While one leggie occupies England's thoughts, another, very different one has been rampaging around the county circuit over the last two years

  • The day the sky fell in

    Sky Sports is generally reckoned to have done a decent job replacing Channel 4 in covering the cricket in England in 2006

  • ICC ... the real villains

    The ICC has come under fire at the weekend for its handling of the row that followed the Oval Test.

  • 'The state of the ball surprised me'

    In the aftermath of the Code of Conduct hearing at The Oval, the media has gone into overdrive