Player of the Match
Player of the Match
    9.1 gone! short of a length delivery, angled across, Dravid pokes at it, a uncharacteristic shot, gets an edge and is swallowed by Baugh, the wicketkeeper. he went searching for that ball, outside the off stump. Two down and the pressure is on now! 37/2
    5.4 gone! great catch by Dwayne Smith at point! short of length and angled across sehwag who ends up searching for the ball a bit and ends up playing on the walk. He plays a push-drive on the up and it goes in the air towards Smith who runs a few steps forward and dives in front to come up with a very good catch 25/1
    13.6 there it is! good length delivery on the middle and off stump line, angling across the left-hander, Pathan comes down hard on it and the ball flies away towards wide midwicket, Samuels there dives across to his left and takes a blinder, was in the air when he took the catch and held on well even though he hit the deck hard 51/3
    49.4 That's it! Game over! West Indies have won! Bravo does it for them, He slips in a slow yorker and Yuvraj comes forward and tries to whip it through the on side, doesn't connect and the furniture is disturbed! Sensational scenes here at Sabina Park! West Indies have won! 197/10
    16.6 Taylor bangs one in short, bit of a surprise delivery and Kaif falls into the trap! ball skidded across after hitting the deck and Kaif looking to pull it away through midwicket ends up with a top-edge, ball balloons up towards square leg and Smith nicely settles under it, Another crucial wicket and it's game-on here! 60/4
    35.2 gone! West Indies get that important breakthrough. Raina dances down the track and ends up playing a pick-up shot, straight to Chanderpaul at long-off! Dhoni is in! 124/5
    37.3 and he does it! short of a good length delivery, close to the off stump and cutting in, Dhoni cuts off the back-foot with no real foot-work, ball clips the inside edge and crashes into the woodwork, Taylor pulls out a rabbit and the crowd goes wild - what a wicket! 130/6
    38.5 another one bites the dust! this is unbelievable stuff from West Indies! clever change of pace and Agarkar played the sitting-duck act to perfection, on the middle and leg stump line, Agarkar pushes forward to defend and is beaten by the lack of pace, ball lobs back towards silly mid-on, Bradshaw on his follow through moves across quickly, dives forward full length and takes a stunning catch under pressure 134/7
    46.3 gone! Another twist in the tale here! Crowd are on thier feet as Powar holes out to long off. He came down the track and Samuels, fires it in slightly short and Powar ends up mistiming his lofted shot. 177/8
    48.1 gone!! Brilliantly caught and bowled by Gayle! Drama here at Sabina Park! Harbhajan pushes back tamely, a nothing shot, to right of Gayle who takes a step to his right and flings himself in the air to come up with a low catch. Game on a knife edge here! 187/9
    not out
    17 (lb 4, nb 5, w 8)
    197 all out (49.4 Overs, RR: 3.96)
    Fall of wickets: 1-25 (V Sehwag, 5.4 ov), 2-37 (R Dravid, 9.1 ov), 3-51 (IK Pathan, 13.6 ov), 4-60 (M Kaif, 16.6 ov), 5-124 (SK Raina, 35.2 ov), 6-130 (MS Dhoni, 37.3 ov), 7-134 (AB Agarkar, 38.5 ov), 8-177 (RR Powar, 46.3 ov), 9-187 (Harbhajan Singh, 48.1 ov), 10-197 (Yuvraj Singh, 49.4 ov)
    FH Edwards7.021912.71321022
    IDR Bradshaw10.003333.30392013
    JE Taylor9.004925.44305110
    DJ Bravo3.402917.9095010
    CH Gayle10.003313.30340020
    MN Samuels10.003023.00351010

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