Player of the Match
Player of the Match
    38.5 Kumble to Tharanga, OUT (Caught) - Kumble bags another one! turning in from outside the off stump, Tharanga goes back looking to glance it down fine but the ball clips the edge and goes square, Gambhir at leg-slip dives forward and takes it cleanly, Sri Lanka 3 down and in trouble here! 89/3
    16.3 Harbhajan Singh to Atapattu, OUT (Caught) - gone! tossed up and turning in, Atapattu comes down the track looking to defend but ends up with an inside edge on to his pad and the ball pops up on the leg side, Kaif at short leg dives forward and across to his left and takes a brilliant catch. Harbhajan strikes at the stroke of Lunch, Sri Lanka one down - India need nine more! 39/1
    34.5 Kumble to Sangakkara, OUT (LBW) - and Kumble strikes! bowled from wide of the crease, balls hist the rough outside the off stump and jags back in and Sangakkara is trapped plumb in front of the stumps, Sri Lanka two down! 84/2
    71.3 Agarkar to Jayawardene, OUT (Caught) - finally the breakthrough! overpitched delviery on the middle and off stump line and Jayawardene ends up driving it straight back to Agarkar, finger goes up but Jayawardene stands his ground and so the umpires go upstairs - RED light flashes. 201/5
    40.2 Kumble to Samaraweera, OUT (Caught), good length delivery from Kumble, Samaraweera comes forward and defends, ball takes the inside edge of the bat, goes onto the pads and lobs upto Kaif at forward short leg 96/4
    80.2 Pathan to Dilshan(OUT) - bowled from round the stumps, excellent line and length, Dilshan drive eyeing the cover fence but ends up with a faint edge, Dhoni dives across and takes a good catch 229/6
    87.1 Harbhajan Singh to Mubarak, OUT (Caught) - turn and bounce, spinning right across the left-hander, Mubarak pushes forward to defend and tamely defends it straight to Laxman at first slip who takes it leaning well forward, Harbhajan joins the party from the other end, this is not going to last long! 235/8
    86.3 Kumble to Maharoof, OUT (LBW) - flipper, the one that goes straight on and its too good a delivery for Maharoof who plays down the wrong line and the ball hits the pad right in front of the stumps, would have easily crashed into middle and leg, loud appeal and up goes the finger, India need just three more! 235/7
    92.3 Kumble to Bandara, OUT (Caught) - all over! done and dusted in under 30 minutes! genuine leg-break, close to the off stump line, Bandara pushes forward to defend and the ball goes off the outside edge, Sehwag at first slip dives across to his right and takes a good catch, Kumble adds another 5-for to his name! 249/10
    89.6 Harbhajan Singh to Muralitharan, OUT (Bowled) - another one bites the dust! tossed up and turning in, Murali goes down on one knee and swings across but misses the target by miles, ball clips the pad and crashes into the stumps, wicket number 10 for Harbhajan singh - India need just one more to wrap this up 245/9
    not out
    8 (b 1, nb 7)
    249 all out (92.3 Overs, RR: 2.69, 360 minutes)
    Fall of wickets: 1-39 (MS Atapattu, 16.3 ov), 2-84 (KC Sangakkara, 34.5 ov), 3-89 (WU Tharanga, 38.5 ov), 4-96 (TT Samaraweera, 40.2 ov), 5-201 (DPMD Jayawardene, 71.3 ov), 6-229 (TM Dilshan, 80.2 ov), 7-235 (MF Maharoof, 86.3 ov), 8-235 (J Mubarak, 87.1 ov), 9-245 (M Muralitharan, 89.6 ov), 10-249 (HMCM Bandara, 92.3 ov)
    IK Pathan9.013113.4400
    Harbhajan Singh31.077932.5400
    AB Agarkar11.031811.6300
    A Kumble34.398952.5703
    V Sehwag3.001806.0004
    SR Tendulkar4.001303.2500

Close of Play

  • Sun, 18 Dec - day 1 - India 1st innings 247/6 (VVS Laxman 71*, IK Pathan 39*, 78 ov)
  • Mon, 19 Dec - day 2 - Sri Lanka 1st innings 131/5 (TM Dilshan 27*, J Mubarak 11*, 40 ov)
  • Tue, 20 Dec - day 3 - India 2nd innings 287/9 (A Kumble 23*, Harbhajan Singh 19*, 66 ov)
  • Wed, 21 Dec - day 4 - Sri Lanka 2nd innings 235/6 (J Mubarak 18*, MF Maharoof 2*, 85 ov)
  • Thu, 22 Dec - day 5 - Sri Lanka 2nd innings 249 (92.3 ov) - end of match

Match Notes