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This is the fifth highest margin test victory, NZ's worst loss and 5th worst as measured by innings rather than runs Well expectedly the day started with New Zealand losing wickets quickly and Shoaib grabbed 2 more to end with 6 for 11 his best performance and is on a hat-trick in his next game New Zealand had to follow on after their 2nd lowest total against Pakistan and the lowest at Lahore Batting next it was a far more resolute display and Pakistan did miss Shoaib out with an ankle injury Good batting by Richardson, Fleming and Vincnet with a fine 43 from Harris was not sufficient to prevent the loss Kaneria was most effective as the wicket was taking some spin, giving him five for 110 This was a good performance for Pakistan to win a test at home after a bad spell recently The next and final test of this series will be on 8th May at Karachi We have some ceremonies cming up Cermonies on and vip's introduced and Fleming called in to say, We messed about and had no penetration, gave runs too steadily and when we cam we were hit by accuracy and pace Does not complain at all about the weather, wants to play better in Karachi, says his innings was nice and I got to spend soe time there, dismissed softly Waqar on and says its great to break the 12 year drought at Lahore, thanks his team and Kaneria, says batting was good and pleased with Inz and Imran Is happy with Inz's feat will think of team later for Karachi The Man of the Match decision on Proctor, mentions Shoaib and selected Inzamam Inz says he could sleep last night as he cannot believe he did get to 329, he said I still cannot believe it, is glad the team is batting well and says he will continue to try to play as best as he can Well thats all folk, we have enjoyed this short test and invite to to go to the CricInfo website and see the content there, and for faster access please do try For faster access to Live coverage and updates - go Cricinfo Plus! CricInfo Plus is a new subscription service from CricInfo. Subscribers to CricInfo plus pay a small fee for guaranteed faster access to To register: Go to Do join us for the Karchi test on 8th May at 04:00GMT and goodbye from Gaddafi Stadium, Lahore

Saqlain Mushtaq to Martin, OUT, went back to a tossed up ball, then seemed to simply give some catching practice to Shoaib Malik at gully and Pakistan win by an innings and 324 runs"

CS Martin c sub (Shoaib Malik) b Saqlain Mushtaq 0 (5m 6b 0x4 0x6) SR: 0.00

All over

Saqlain Mushtaq to Walker, 1 run, turned to fine elg
Saqlain Mushtaq to Walker, no run, a sharp off spinner, left alone

76 | (wicket maiden) | NZ: 245/9

  • CS Martin0 (5b)
  • BGK Walker14 (47b)
  • Danish Kaneria32-3-110-5
Danish Kaneria to Martin, no run, a sharp turn tried to hit it to leg and beaten
Danish Kaneria to Martin, no run, outside off and left alone
Danish Kaneria to Martin, no run, driven into the covers