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  • Call in Colin

    "Good morning, my name's Cowdrey." Words of Colin Cowdrey to Jeff Thomson in December 1974, spoken while Thomson was back at the top of his run "wanting to kill somebody". It was a moment that mi

  • Shell-shocked and bloodied

    England arrived in Australia full of hope... and left routed, battered and bewildered

  • A touch of Bradman

    Hundred in a session? Easy peasy for Doug Walters

  • Once more into the breach

    The story of when 41-year-old Colin Cowdrey was summoned from his armchair, flown round the world, and thrown in at the deep end against the fastest bowlers in the world

  • Michael Colin Cowdrey 1932-2000

    One of the greatest acts of cricketing courage I have seen was that of a 41year-old man, summoned from England in the middle of winter to bolster aninjury-ridden Test squad in Australia, taking strike at the WACA against thetwo fastest bowlers in