15.3 gone! Looked like the legbreak again, flat and full on leg, Rohit chooses to sweep but misses it. Dhawan seemed to instructed him, if you ... Rohit absorbs what Dhawan tells him and chooses to review. No bat on that. That is another terrible review, pitches on middle and leg, hits the stumps halfway up. Three reds and Rohit throws a hundred away. 109/1
    16.3 what a catch! That was perfect timing, sprinted right from the outset, ran to the ball in a straight line - as opposed to around the ball - and took the catch inches off the ground. Stunning catch. Flat down leg from Siriwardana, would have been wide had Dhawan chosen not to sweep. His top-edged lobbed towards short fine leg. That's the best moment of the ODI series for Sri Lanka 113/2
    17.5 74 kph, Rahul this time does not read the googly. And India are in trouble. Sensational control of the googly, so good that the length is just terrific - it's full but not full enough that Rahul can smother the turn, it's not short, definitely not short enough for Rahul to go back. It spins back in prodigiously, clips the pad and knocks into the stumps. 5 wickets in 15 balls. Aaaah, wow. 119/5
    17.1 77 kph, the googly from Dananjaya and Jadhav is castled. Completely flummoxed by the fact that an offspinner is ripping googlies - well, the direction of turn is the same. He stays back, wafts with bat well away from pad, and the ball says hello to that glaring gap and goes right through to hit middle stump. That was not a good stroke, not helped by the fact that he did not have a clue of the direction of spin 114/3
    17.3 Kohli's gone! 4 off 2! Dananjaya spinning a web around these Indian batsmen. What's happening. Yikes. Wow. Another googly, this one is soooo full but Kohli still does not manage to get bat on that. It's full and straight, Kohli takes his pads away from the line of the ball, looking for that trademark whippy cover drive, but all that does it create a massive bat-pad gap and the stumps are disturbed again. SL in raptures. 118/4
    not out
    19.3 five for Dananjaya. And India are in utter shambles. It was Ajantha Mendis in Galle! It's Dananjaya in Pallekele! The power of wristpin. It's surprise, surprise, another googly. Pandya runs down to the pitch, but does not get there. Hey, guess what that does? It creates yet another bat-pad gap. The snake of a googly finds that gap, and settles nicely in Dickwella's gloves. Pandya was not reading that, thought he could smother the spin but the bowler was clever enough to drag that length back. 121/6
    21.5 86 kph, the non-turning offbreak? Who cares, say Sri Lanka. Axar can't review even if he wants to. Yes, it is. The non-turning offbreak on off, flat and full, draws Axar forward, beats the bat on the inside edge and strikes him in front of off. Sri Lanka have formed a circle with enough energy to power those floodlights that failed in the CPL earlier today. Akila has six! 131/7
    not out
    15 (lb 1, w 14)
    231/7 (44.2 Overs, RR: 5.21)
    Fall of wickets: 1-109 (RG Sharma, 15.3 ov), 2-113 (S Dhawan, 16.3 ov), 3-114 (KM Jadhav, 17.1 ov), 4-118 (V Kohli, 17.3 ov), 5-119 (KL Rahul, 17.5 ov), 6-121 (HH Pandya, 19.3 ov), 7-131 (AR Patel, 21.5 ov)
    SL Malinga8.004906.12254160
    MVT Fernando6.203205.05192060
    AD Mathews3.001103.66111010
    PVD Chameera7.004506.42214200
    A Dananjaya10.005465.40314100
    TAM Siriwardana10.003913.90352110

Match Notes

Dream Spell


Balls taken by Akila Dananjaya to take 5 wickets (wickets 1 to 5) - 4th least in ODIs since 2000. M Sami took 5 wickets in 11 balls vs NZ in 2003

Top Openers


Fifty plus stands for Dhawan and Rohit for the first wicket - Joint most along with De Kock and Hashim Amla since 2013

Consistent Bumrah


Number of four-wicket hauls for Bumrah since his debut - Most for a bowler from India. A Mishra and M Shami have 1 each.

Quick Hands


International stumpings for MS Dhoni in ODIs - Joint highest with Kumar Sangakkara.

Toss Trend


Matches in which Virat Kohli has won the toss and chosen to chase in the 15 matches he has captained