Player of the Match
Player of the Match

Jack Taylor: "Just the 40 balls for Blundell to get from 90 to 100 then. Well done to the lad"

Bryn: "Maiden from centuries from #7 & #8 in the same innings. Surely a first?"

Nick: "Congratulations Blundell! Sure the opposition isn't that strong but a hundred is a hundred."

Tim Pate: "Why not declare after the 100 or after the 6 at end of over....nah lets wait for 4 dot balls. "

12:30pm They've declared. 386 runs ahead. Perhaps a little later than they'd wanted, but you've got to give that leeway to your debutant. A finely crafted century for Blundell on debut, despite all the scratchiness at the end. Trent Boult did superbly too. An unbeaten 18 off 60 balls. Unfortunately, cricket batting stats don't have a column for "stunning rearguard". West Indies' misery comes to an end. Period. Bouncers incoming soon.

Brathwaite to Boult, no run, short and wide outside off, left alone
Brathwaite to Boult, no run, short and wide outside off, left alone
Brathwaite to Boult, no run, steps out and immediately tries to go back again. This time he's beaten. Stumping decision sent upstairs confirms he was back in
Brathwaite to Boult, no run, steps out, then steps back and is safe as this skids through outside off. Got the bat down in time

Now for Boult's hundred.

148 | 8 Runs | NZ: 520/9

  • TA Blundell107 (180b)
  • TA Boult18 (56b)
  • RL Chase28-4-95-2
  • JO Holder34-8-102-1

Jerry: "Sending my antacid bill to Blundell. "

Chase to Blundell, SIX runs, steps out and connects this time. It's outside off, he's not at the pitch of this one either. But he goes through with the slog and clears long-on comfortably
Chase to Blundell, no run, length at leg stump, flicked to midwicket
Chase to Blundell, 2 runs, inside edge as he steps out and hoicks without reaching the pitch of this. But he gets it past square leg and puts an end to the harrowing saga that was his nineties. A century on debut for Blundell
Chase to Blundell, no run, back of a length at off stump, nudges it into the leg side off the back foot

NZ ahead


The Head-to-head record between NZ and WI after this Test. This is the first time NZ have moved ahead of WI in terms of wins in their bilateral history.

Superb seven


Neil Wagner's strike rate in his figures of 7 for 39, is the second-best in 17 seven-wkt hauls by NZ bowlers in Tests. Only better is Hadlee's 7/23 in 8.3 overs v India in Wellington in 1976.

Middle-order low for WI


Runs added by West Indies for their 3rd to 7th wickets in this inns - the third least they have added for these wickets in any Test inns overall and their least in the last 30 years.