, play 01:23
WATCH - Brathwaite takes an amazing catch

Carlos Brathwaite started 2018 with a catch-of-the-year contender in the second T20I against New Zealand

, play 00:34
WATCH - Badree strikes with a skidder

Phillips is completely baffled. Tries to bring the bat down for a flick and is rapped in front of middle and leg. Looked plumb. Just skidded on from a good length region

, play 00:39
WATCH - Munro caught in the deep

finally some respite for West Indies. Munro tries to heave a length ball over long-on. This time the room isn't as much and he gets slightly tucked up. Sends a catch into the hands of the fielder in the deep.

, play 00:36
WATCH - Cottrell sees off Guptill

edged and taken. Guptill's start to the new year isn't great. Cotterell sprays one across the right-hander and Guptill indiscreetly slashes outside off to send a thick edge into the hands of the wicketkeeper Chad Walton

New Zealand 1st innings Partnerships

1st3MJ GuptillC Munro
2nd75C MunroKS Williamson
3rd14KS WilliamsonGD Phillips
4th5KS WilliamsonTC Bruce
5th5KS WilliamsonAK Kitchen