Player of the Match
Player of the Match

Philip McCarthy: "To lose one wicket by a hesitation-run-out can be considered unfortunate; to lose two by a hesitation-run-out is just carelessness. [Channel your inner Oscar!]" --- Oh what's the highest form of cricket without a little silliness...

Ashwin to Curran, 1 leg bye, OUT, run-out to end the innings. Curran tries to pinch two after he's beaten by a skidder from Ashwin. The left-hander plays a mistimed pull and pays for his greed. Ishant, the birthday boy, with the throw. Right over the stumps. Sharp enough to beat Curran's dive

SM Curran run out (Sharma/†Pant) 46 (128m 83b 6x4 0x6) SR: 55.42

Ashwin to continue. But this time he's shifted round the wicket to Curran as well. Slip and silly point

96 | 1 Run | ENG: 270/9

  • JM Anderson1 (9b)
  • SM Curran46 (82b)
  • Mohammed Shami16-0-57-4
  • R Ashwin37-7-84-1
Mohammed Shami to Anderson, no run, that straight bat of Anderson denies India again. The fuller ball on middle and leg is deflected to short leg, with great determination
Mohammed Shami to Anderson, no run, inside edge and that's all England need really. Anderson certainly does not look convincing against this heat-seeking fuller ball. Shami's so good at toppling stumps. But this time he's denied

Two balls for Anderson. And he'll be facing them with two slips and a short leg lurking

Mohammed Shami to Curran, 1 run, shifts back to defend a good length ball to the right of cover and now he's happy to trot across.

India 4th innings Partnerships

1st4S DhawanKL Rahul
2nd13S DhawanCA Pujara
3rd5S DhawanV Kohli
4th101V KohliAM Rahane
5th4AM RahaneHH Pandya
6th23AM RahaneRR Pant
7th3R AshwinAM Rahane
8th1R AshwinI Sharma
9th9R AshwinMohammed Shami
10th21R AshwinJJ Bumrah