Player of the Match
Player of the Match

11:58am Keshav Maharaj will open the bowling. Slip, short leg, silly point.

WATCH - Ashwin ends South Africa's innings (Indian subcontinent only)

WATCH - Ishant cleans up Faf (Indian subcontinent only)

Akshit: "I think this has been a good effort from the Indian camp. Despite a few gifts by the SA batsmen taking 10 wickets on a flat track without their premier bowler was not looking possible at one point"

SB: "One over before lunch! Ah! Good ole vagaries of test cricket! We live for these moments. Don't we?"

John Raju: "There is a lot of bashing around happening regarding India not cleaning off the tail sooner and dropping those catches which has gifted SA an extra 30-40 runs. But I would still like to look at the fact that SA lost their last 7 wickets for 89 runs. Going into the last hour yesterday, did not dream of this occurring "

11:50am South Africa have added 66 before folding today. Helped along a bit by India's catching. It's a decent total for South Africa. India would have taken 335 at the toss, but they've seen some action on this pitch that could make them think. They've opted for the light roller. We're hearing there will be one over before lunch is taken.

Ashwin to Morkel, OUT, thick outside edge as Morne looks to drill this full ball over cover. Vijay gets under it at sweeper cover and takes it. Ashwin tossed this up wide outside off and drew him in

M Morkel c Vijay b Ashwin 6 (17m 9b 1x4 0x6) SR: 66.66

Ngidi's first Test run gets more cheers than his first Test wicket might

Ashwin to Ngidi, 1 run, full at leg stump, driven to long-on
Ashwin to Ngidi, no run, good length, floated up on off stump. Defended solidly on the front foot

Slip, leg slip, short leg. Deep midwicket, long-on.

Ashwin to Morkel, 1 run, good length on middle stump, pushed it into the point region and they huff and puff and complete a single
Ashwin to Morkel, no run, short ball outside off, fishes and is beaten

Ashwin from around. Slip, gully, silly point.

113 | 5 Runs 1 Wkt | SA: 333/9

  • L Ngidi0 (2b)
  • M Morkel5 (6b)
  • I Sharma22-4-46-3
  • R Ashwin38-10-111-3

Ramble: "I've always tried to imagine what kind of monster cricketer you would have if Morne could bat like his brother, who lest we forget averages 50 in Test cricket (ok it's one game but still). Big Morne at least times the ball well when he does actually hit it. "

Crowd goes wild in Centurion. It's Morne time.

I Sharma to Ngidi, no run, good length in the corridor, defended solidly on the front foot
I Sharma to Ngidi, no run, beaten on the inside edge. Length ball angled into the corridor. Looks to punch
I Sharma to du Plessis, OUT, clean bowled. Inswinger speared in on middle stump. He wants to whip this wide of mid-on with power, but there's a big gap between bat and pad. Misses by a long way in the end

F du Plessis b I Sharma 63 (216m 142b 9x4 0x6) SR: 44.36

WATCH - Pandya's boundary catch to send back Rabada (Indian subcontinent only)

I Sharma to Morkel, 1 run, glorious! Morkel's pulling out his best. Length ball in at middle stump, clipped gracefully to deep midwicket

Ishant around the wicket

Unwanted run


Cheteshwar Pujara is the first India player to be run out twice in a Test. He's the 23rd overall and first since Stephen Fleming v Zimbabwe in December 2000.

Record chase needed


The highest run-chase at SuperSport Park in Centurion, which was by England in 2000. India are set a record target of 287 to chase. There have been only six successful chases at the venue and five of those have been by the home team.

Faf's feat


Runs for Faf du Plessis in Tests. Since his debut, only Amla has scored more runs for SA than du Plessis.

Going on and on


No. of century partnerships in this series. The one between De Villiers and Elgar is the biggest of the two, going past 114 added by De Villiers and Du Plessis in the last Test.

Captain steps up


No. of centuries by India captains in South Africa - Tendulkar (169) in Cape Town 1996-97 and Kohli in this Test.

Opening with spin


Last time a spinner opened the bowling for South Africa in the first innings - Aubrey Faulkner v Australia. SA opened with Keshav Maharaj in this Test.

Shami's century


Wickets for Mohammad Shami in Tests, becoming only the 7th India fast bowler to the milestone.

Spin in Centurion


Wickets for Ashwin so far, which is already 2nd-best for a spinner in the first innings of a Centurion Test; Swann's 5 for 110 in 2009 is the best. Ashwin's 31 overs is 3rd-highest by a spinner in the 1st inngs in Centurion

A first for de Kock


Number of ducks at home for de Kock in all international matches. He has 7 in away games - 3 in NZ, 2 in Ban, 1 each in Aus and SL - but this one in Centurion was his first in South Africa

A long time coming


Innings between two run-outs for Amla in Tests. The last time he was run out in this format was way back in November 2012, in Perth

Centurion's king


Previous most runs by a batsman at SuperSport Park in Centurion, by Jacques Kallis. Hashim Amla has gone past that mark.

Markram's home


Aiden Markram's average in last 6 innings in Centurion (his home ground) across all formats in last six innings, before this match. His scores have been: 161, 119, 87, 51*, 56*, 18*. He has got to another fifty in this innings.

Solid pair


No. of 50+ partnerships between Aiden Markram and Dean Elgar in 7 Test innings, including this innings. They average over 100 as a pair.

South Africa's den


Win-loss record for South Africa in Centurion, in 22 previous Tests. Their win-loss ratio of 8.50 at the venue is the second-best for any team playing 10+ Tests at a ground.