Player of the Match
Player of the Match
Rabada to I Sharma, FOUR runs, full ball in at off stump, arches back a touch, no forward stride. Opens the face and slices it wide of point
Ngidi to Mohammed Shami, FOUR runs, fly slip doesn't have the wings to reach this. Length ball coming in at off stump. He backs away and pulls out the old swipe across the line. Leading edge sails to that fielder's left
Rabada to RG Sharma, FOUR runs, not in control at all this time. Jumps into the off side to try and hook this, there's no room. Deflects it off the glove, over de Kock's left shoulder
Rabada to RG Sharma, FOUR runs, nicely controlled. Bouncer slanted down leg side, swivels, gets on top of it, and hooks it very fine
Rabada to Mohammed Shami, FOUR runs, whew. He's carted this over backward point. Short of a length and wide outside off, chucks his hands at it and it flies to the boundary
Ngidi to Mohammed Shami, FOUR runs, clears gully as he walks into this delivery with his arms outstretched. Outside edge sails over AB's attempted one-handed attempt. He's really close in. Nowhere near taking it
Maharaj to Mohammed Shami, FOUR runs, drills it wide of Morkel at long-on who has probably used up all his glamour credits in the field. Tossed up on middle, swings hard, it's flat and dipping wide of Morkel whose dive is beaten
Maharaj to RG Sharma, SIX runs, superb again. He's enjoying this spin bowling. Tossed up at leg stump, steps out, gets under it and launches it over mid-on with the full face
Maharaj to RG Sharma, FOUR runs, nicely placed. One fielder behind square on the leg side and he slaps this well to his left. Full ball outside off, sweep is aerial, but it's safe
Ngidi to Mohammed Shami, FOUR runs, stabs it wide of point after reaching out. Short ball wide outside off, thick outside edge lobs between gully and point
Rabada to RG Sharma, FOUR runs, good length and wide outside off, leans in and guides this through backward point and AB can't pull it back in
Philander to RG Sharma, FOUR runs, stunning shot. Full ball in at middle stump, reaches the pitch and clips this cleanly over midwicket, with the trailing leg raised to add to the flair. Glorious
Rabada to Patel, FOUR runs, shot. Lovely shot. Full ball angled in towards off stump. Stands tall and creams this on-drive past the non-striker
Philander to RG Sharma, FOUR runs, good length and swinging away outside off. Hangs the bat out, gets it to run past slip off the outside half
Rabada to Patel, FOUR runs, shot. Length ball slides through outside off, he leans in and drills this wide of mid-off on the up
Philander to Pujara, FOUR runs, poor start from him. Short and wide outside off. Doesn't climb too much but Pujara has judged it well and opens the face to find the third man boundary
Ngidi to Pujara, FOUR runs, full, too straight, clips it off his pads crisply and beats Morkel throwing himself to his right after sprinting from long leg
Ngidi to Kohli, FOUR runs, what a delivery. On the fuller side of a good length, angling into off stump and leaving him late. Looked to push towards mid-on, maybe, and got a thick edge that rolled away wide of gully
Rabada to Vijay, FOUR runs, shot. Back of a length just outside off. Transfers the weight to get behind this and punches it handsomely through point

Unwanted run


Cheteshwar Pujara is the first India player to be run out twice in a Test. He's the 23rd overall and first since Stephen Fleming v Zimbabwe in December 2000.

Record chase needed


The highest run-chase at SuperSport Park in Centurion, which was by England in 2000. India are set a record target of 287 to chase. There have been only six successful chases at the venue and five of those have been by the home team.

Faf's feat


Runs for Faf du Plessis in Tests. Since his debut, only Amla has scored more runs for SA than du Plessis.

Going on and on


No. of century partnerships in this series. The one between De Villiers and Elgar is the biggest of the two, going past 114 added by De Villiers and Du Plessis in the last Test.

Captain steps up


No. of centuries by India captains in South Africa - Tendulkar (169) in Cape Town 1996-97 and Kohli in this Test.

Opening with spin


Last time a spinner opened the bowling for South Africa in the first innings - Aubrey Faulkner v Australia. SA opened with Keshav Maharaj in this Test.

Shami's century


Wickets for Mohammad Shami in Tests, becoming only the 7th India fast bowler to the milestone.

Spin in Centurion


Wickets for Ashwin so far, which is already 2nd-best for a spinner in the first innings of a Centurion Test; Swann's 5 for 110 in 2009 is the best. Ashwin's 31 overs is 3rd-highest by a spinner in the 1st inngs in Centurion

A first for de Kock


Number of ducks at home for de Kock in all international matches. He has 7 in away games - 3 in NZ, 2 in Ban, 1 each in Aus and SL - but this one in Centurion was his first in South Africa

A long time coming


Innings between two run-outs for Amla in Tests. The last time he was run out in this format was way back in November 2012, in Perth

Centurion's king


Previous most runs by a batsman at SuperSport Park in Centurion, by Jacques Kallis. Hashim Amla has gone past that mark.

Markram's home


Aiden Markram's average in last 6 innings in Centurion (his home ground) across all formats in last six innings, before this match. His scores have been: 161, 119, 87, 51*, 56*, 18*. He has got to another fifty in this innings.

Solid pair


No. of 50+ partnerships between Aiden Markram and Dean Elgar in 7 Test innings, including this innings. They average over 100 as a pair.

South Africa's den


Win-loss record for South Africa in Centurion, in 22 previous Tests. Their win-loss ratio of 8.50 at the venue is the second-best for any team playing 10+ Tests at a ground.