Player of the Match
Player of the Match
Kumar to Elgar, SIX runs, heaves a length ball into the stands at deep square leg. There's a man fighting out there. Elgar is not lying down just because it's nine down. He's 14 away from a century! But, Shami now has six balls at the No. 11.
Kumar to Elgar, FOUR runs, sneaks the shortish delivery through the scattered slip cordon. He waits ages and ages to try and smuggle this through for a few quick runs
Mohammed Shami to Ngidi, FOUR runs, smokes it down the ground to bring life back to the Wanderers faithful. It's full, it's straight, it's looking for the stumps but Ngidi spins it around 180 degrees
Mohammed Shami to Philander, FOUR runs, starts wit ha short ball, which also gives the room for Philander to slap it through to the cover boundary. And the Bull Ring roars its approval.
Sharma to Elgar, FOUR runs, even the set bat is uncertain! India have sensed the chance they have and are rising to the occasion. A good length ball from around the wicket makes Elgar unsure of where his off stump is. He comes to play, then he tries to leave, by which time the ball pings off the bat face and goes to the third man boundary.
Sharma to de Villiers, FOUR runs, can't give him easy runs! And early Valentine's gift comes from India's best bowler of the day. Length ball, on leg stump, tickled fine
Pandya to Elgar, FOUR runs, that's fifty! A standing ovation from the dressing room, the coach leading the applause, as Elgar raises his bat. A moment ago, he was trying to hide it, but Pandya's back of a length delivery lurched in at him off the pitch, hit the face of the bat and found the gap between slip and gully
Pandya to Elgar, FOUR runs, hammers it to the midwicket boundary! Jo'burg rises to celebrate the first hundred partnership of this Test. It comes off a stroke that is just emphatic. Bowl short to me, will you, he says with this pull shot in front of square.
Sharma to Elgar, FOUR runs, whooooa! He's decided he's had enough of being a punching bag for the Indian bowlers. Spots a full delivery and slogs it away to the square leg boundary. The spirit of the IPL auction has entered Dean Elgar!
Bumrah to Amla, FOUR runs, that. is. sensational. He keeps the bat straight all the while it comes out to meet the ball, and at the moment he needs to meet the ball, the wrists imbue the power and a bad ball on the pads is punished to the midwicket boundary
Bumrah to Elgar, FOUR runs, 143 kph, the pace is up, but the length is not. Elgar shuffles across and deflects it off his hips to the long leg boundary.
Bumrah to Amla, FOUR runs, he's taken a ball on off stump away for a ride to long leg. Sublime from Amla. Once he shuffles, the short ball on the sticks and off is the worst one possible. All the batsman has to do is deflected it off his hips
Sharma to Amla, FOUR runs, buh-rilliant pull shot. And it looks ever so much the better for his lifting the front foot up. Rare bad ball from Ishant, pitching halfway down on off stump. Amla does his jig to get in line with it and rolls his wrists so that it goes to ground, and past the right of the leg gully
Kumar to Elgar, FOUR runs, edged, and over the cordon! India have been working for that bad shot. They get it, but instead of a wicket, it brings up the fifty partnership between these two. Elgar is reaching away from his body. He's on the front foot, but it's barely moved. That's why he's throwing his hands at the shot, that and the seam movement away.
Kumar to Elgar, FOUR runs, width on offer and Elgar taps it on top of the bounce through the vacant point region. Very minimalist. Much like his partner at the other end
Mohammed Shami to Amla, FOUR runs, that's a bit tripe. Another short and wide delivery which Amla flays through extra cover. Stands up tall, frees his arms and looks resplendent doing so
Mohammed Shami to Amla, FOUR runs, short, wide, four. the mighty Hash is away on the fourth day. Much like Kohli, he spots the bad ball early, gets into an attacking position and nails the cut behind point
Mohammed Shami to Elgar, FOUR runs, lovely shot. Gets above the bounce for the short ball, doesn't commit fully and whips it away, one-legged, through square leg
Kumar to Markram, FOUR runs, big inswinger at a length, on middle stump. He stands tall with a half-stride and whips it to the square leg boundary. Nicely timed to beat short leg, who India have also placed quite deep

2nd-innings Shami


Wickets for Shami in the 2nd innings of this series, average 8.75. In the 1st innings, 3 wickets at 50.33

Elgar stands alone


Instances of SA openers carrying their bats in Tests since their readmission - Kirsten made 100* v Pakistan, 1997, and Elgar made 118* v Eng, 2015

Amla in control


Amla's in-control percentage in his knock of 52, the best among all batsmen in the Test. KL Rahul had a control % of 84.1 and Vijay 80.3 in India's 2nd innings

Rare century stands


Century partnerships in the series, all for SA: de Villiers-Elgar in Centurion, de Villiers-du Plessis in Cape Town and Amla-Elgar in Jo'burg

Fivers at Wanderers


No. of five-wicket hauls by India bowlers at the Wanderers in Johannesburg - their most at any venue in South Africa. Kumble, Srinath, Sreesanth and Bumrah are the ones with five-fors there.

Rabada's resistence


Kagiso Rabada has played his top-two longest Test innings in this series - 66 balls in first innings in Cape Town and 84 balls in first innings of this Test.

A mini collapse


Runs for which India lost their last six wickets, after being 144 for 4. Except Pujara, Kohli and Bhuveshwar none of them could get into double-digits.

A fifty finally


No. of consecutive innings without a fifty by Pujara outside Asia, before this match. His last fifty outside Asia was 73 against Australia at Adelaide. This is only his 5th 50+ score in 34 innings.

Pujara's crawl


No. of balls taken by Pujara to score his first run in this innings. Since 2001, only one player has taken more balls to open his account: Stuart Broad 61 balls v NZ, Auckland, 2013.

Flop show


Average of India's openers in this series - the lowest in any series of 3 or more Tests. In 10 innings between Vijay, Dhawan and Rahul they have played just one inns of 20+ runs.



No. of losses for India at the Wanderers, in their previous four Tests. They won one, in 2006-07, and drawn three.