Player of the Match
Player of the Match

For basketball fans, here's a story on Syria's Micheal Madanly, once the national team's MVP, now living a life of anonymity in foreign leagues having forced to flee his homeland in 2012 during the civil war.

ram: "@Nimesh, IMO India has more than enough time in this test to push a win. 2 full days against SL is more than enough with lead around 400. Rohit is coming back to the team and 100 would do more good than harm to team benefit. If this declaration was waiting on day 4 last session for the 100 this argument is true!"

Omkesh: "Has Samarawickrama recoverd from his injury?" --- Yes, he was on the field all day today.

Ramaneesh Goyal: "Very interestingly, Indian batsmen (including extras) scored in 3-digits or single digit. None of them in double digits!"

3:53pm And with his century comes India's declaration. I reckon that gives India about eight overs to bowl this evening. A lead of 405 runs. If you're a Sri Lankan bowler, you're hoping your team doesn't lose a wicket. Imagine having to be nightwatchman after all this carnage. Catch you in a bit.

Shanaka to RG Sharma, 3 runs, and there's the hundred. Back of a length outside off, stands tall and slices it between between point and cover. They come back for the third. Good innings from Rohit, who hadn't played a first-class game since October last year

176 | 7 Runs | INDIA: 607/6

  • WP Saha1 (5b)
  • RG Sharma99 (159b)
  • MDK Perera45-2-202-3
  • MD Shanaka26-4-100-1
Perera to Saha, no run, floated up full outside off. Tapped to long-off...and they won't run
Perera to RG Sharma, 1 run, good length at off stump, defended on the front foot
Perera to RG Sharma, 2 runs, good length at middle stump, pokes at it in front his body with hard hands. Big inside edge runs trickles square on the leg side
Perera to RG Sharma, FOUR runs, hammered straight and flat. Length ball outside off, he steps out and goes after it. Right off the middle

Nimesh Nambiar: "If this game is getting dragged for Rohit's benefit, it is not very sportman-like, IMO. There would always be someone's 50 or 100, we need to get on with the game. Should have declared by now, anybody?"

Perera to RG Sharma, no run, good length outside off. Not to the pitch as he looks to drive this. Spins in, gets the inside half of the bat and rolls back to the bowler
Perera to RG Sharma, no run, back of a length at off stump, defended into the leg side off the back foot

175 | 3 Runs | INDIA: 600/6

  • WP Saha1 (4b)
  • RG Sharma92 (154b)
  • MD Shanaka26-4-100-1
  • MDK Perera44-2-195-3
Shanaka to Saha, no run, inswinger, low full toss on middle stump. Tapped straight to midwicket

SL in INDIA 2017-18 News

Bounty year for India


International wins for India in 2017, their most ever in a calendar year. They had won 31 in 2016

A year of losses for SL


Tests lost by SL in 2017, which equals the most defeats for them in a calendar year; they had also lost 7 in 2015

Top-order collapses


Number of consecutive second innings in which Sri Lanka have been 5 down for less than 100 - twice v Pakistan in the UAE, and twice in this series

Four tons in an innings


Instances of four centuries in an innings for India. Before this game, they had achieved this against SA in Kolkata, 2010, and v Bangladesh in Mirpur, 2007

Double the fun


Double-hundreds for Kohli as captain, which equals Brian Lara's record. Bradman, Clarke and Graeme Smith had four each

Hundreds galore


Instances of at least three hundreds by India's top 4 in a Test innings. Previous instance was also v SL, in Kanpur in 2009

Hungry for hundreds


Conversion rate for Kohli as captain in Tests - he has 12 centuries out of 16 50+ scores. It's the best among all captains with 10 or more hundreds

Captain centurion


Hundreds in all international cricket for Kohli in 2017, which is a record for any captain in a calendar year. Ponting (2005 & 2006) and Smith (2005) had 9 each

Vijay-Pujara in select group


Pairs who have added 4 successive century stands in Tests: Loxton-Harvey, S Manjrekar-Azharuddin, Butcher-Trescothick, Younis-Yousuf, and Vijay-Pujara

Outstanding home pair


Century stands between Vijay and Pujara in home Tests in just 22 partnerships; in 16 overseas stands, though, they have only one century partnership

Vijay-Pujara on a roll


Century stands between Vijay and Pujara in their last 7 stands in Tests; before this stand they had added 102, 178 and 107, 16, 47 & 209 in their previous 6 partnerships

The 1000-run club


Batsmen who have scored 1000-plus Test runs in 2017 - Dean Elgar and Dimuth Karunaratne. Elgar has 1097 runs in 20 inngs, while Karunaratne reached 1000 in his 23rd

Ashwin's bunny


Number of times Ashwin has dismissed Thirimanne in all international cricket, his highest against any batsman (6 times in ODIs, 5 in Tests and 1 in T20Is)