Player of the Match
Player of the Match
Ashwin to Lakmal, SIX runs, pummels it over the top - straight over the bowler's head. What a shot! That's the fifty partnership. Gets to the pitch of the ball outside off, and that's why he is able to power it away
Yadav to Chandimal, FOUR runs, inside edge as the ball keeps low. For half a second, Chandimal things this is there to be punched through cover. But the problem is that it has just enough inward movement - Umesh running in hiding the shine of the ball - and variation in bounce to draw a false shot to long leg
I Sharma to Chandimal, FOUR runs, draws him forward with a fuller delivery outside off. Chandimal defends with soft hands and squirts it down to the third man boundary to raise a half-century
I Sharma to Lakmal, FOUR runs, leading edge but it falls clear of point running back. Kohli offers his appreciation for the effort. He doesn't care about the runs. He needn't
Ashwin to Chandimal, FOUR runs, that's a legbreak, and it's launched to the midwicket boundary! Chandimal's slog sweep works a charm as he picks the ball up from a good length on off stump
Jadeja to Chandimal, FOUR runs, goes for the big hit and even though it is largely miscued, it lands in an unmanned part of the ground - long-on, why would India have a long-on at a score of 121 for 8? - and trickles over.
Jadeja to Lakmal, FOUR runs, smacks a length ball, one-day style, to the long-off boundary. The fielder catching was a little wider considering the spin Jadeja has sometimes got
Ashwin to Chandimal, FOUR runs, steps out for a better controlled hit, wide of long-on. Keeps his shape well, even if he is not to the pitch of the good length ball.
I Sharma to Chandimal, FOUR runs, well bowled, but that's four more. Swings it away late. Reversed. In the corridor and takes the outside edge that rolls past second slip
I Sharma to Chandimal, FOUR runs, back of a length, swinging in at leg stump. Once again, Chandimal flicks aerially to square leg's right. Beats him again. Rolls into the square leg boundary, underneath Ashwin's pluck to his left
Ashwin to Shanaka, SIX runs, top edge on the slog sweep and he manages to evade deep square leg again. This is one way to go about it. Tossed up on middle stump, precisely to draw that sort of a shot. He goes at it with full force and this time it just goes over the rope, to deep square leg's right
Ashwin to Shanaka, SIX runs, slog sweep. Once again gets well under it and hits it high. But the sweep beats deep square leg
Ashwin to Shanaka, FOUR runs, tossed up outside off. Steps out and swipes at it, having not reached the pitch of it. Lifts it high and over square leg
Yadav to Chandimal, FOUR runs, in the air again. Chandimal is living dangerously. It's a matter of time before India put a catcher at square leg. This time, he flicks this inswinger wide of that man
Yadav to Chandimal, FOUR runs, slices uppishly through backward point. A waft outside off from Chandimal, far away from his body. No one in that region and he gets four
Yadav to Chandimal, FOUR runs, flicks in the air but he's safe. It goes square enough to avoid a straight-ish square leg fielder. This dips into him from middle stump. Not to the pitch of the ball
Jadeja to Mathews, SIX runs, shot. Oh. So easy, he says. Not much of a footwork man these days. Good length coming in at middle stump. It's quickish. Just like Angelo's wrists. A half-stride, off and middle visible, but he whips on the up and sends it flat and over the long-on boundary
Ashwin to Thirimanne, FOUR runs, shot. Tossed up outside off. He steps out and hits through the line to clear mid-off. It's not turning away from him. Good option.
I Sharma to Karunaratne, FOUR runs, sprays it on the pads, at a good length. Batsman gets on his toes and tickles it fine
I Sharma to Karunaratne, FOUR runs, length at middle stump, stands tall and drives on the up into the leg side. Timed nicely in the end, and safely wide of mid-on
Ashwin to Karunaratne, FOUR runs, clobbered wide of mid-off. Lovely flow of the bat. Makes full use of this overpitched ball outside off
I Sharma to Thirimanne, FOUR runs, back of a length on middle stump. Closes his face on it and it zips through the gully region off the leading edge
I Sharma to Thirimanne, FOUR runs, back of a length on leg stump, slight shuffle before tickling this fine

Bounty year for India


International wins for India in 2017, their most ever in a calendar year. They had won 31 in 2016

A year of losses for SL


Tests lost by SL in 2017, which equals the most defeats for them in a calendar year; they had also lost 7 in 2015

Top-order collapses


Number of consecutive second innings in which Sri Lanka have been 5 down for less than 100 - twice v Pakistan in the UAE, and twice in this series

Four tons in an innings


Instances of four centuries in an innings for India. Before this game, they had achieved this against SA in Kolkata, 2010, and v Bangladesh in Mirpur, 2007

Double the fun


Double-hundreds for Kohli as captain, which equals Brian Lara's record. Bradman, Clarke and Graeme Smith had four each

Hundreds galore


Instances of at least three hundreds by India's top 4 in a Test innings. Previous instance was also v SL, in Kanpur in 2009

Hungry for hundreds


Conversion rate for Kohli as captain in Tests - he has 12 centuries out of 16 50+ scores. It's the best among all captains with 10 or more hundreds

Captain centurion


Hundreds in all international cricket for Kohli in 2017, which is a record for any captain in a calendar year. Ponting (2005 & 2006) and Smith (2005) had 9 each

Vijay-Pujara in select group


Pairs who have added 4 successive century stands in Tests: Loxton-Harvey, S Manjrekar-Azharuddin, Butcher-Trescothick, Younis-Yousuf, and Vijay-Pujara

Outstanding home pair


Century stands between Vijay and Pujara in home Tests in just 22 partnerships; in 16 overseas stands, though, they have only one century partnership

Vijay-Pujara on a roll


Century stands between Vijay and Pujara in their last 7 stands in Tests; before this stand they had added 102, 178 and 107, 16, 47 & 209 in their previous 6 partnerships

The 1000-run club


Batsmen who have scored 1000-plus Test runs in 2017 - Dean Elgar and Dimuth Karunaratne. Elgar has 1097 runs in 20 inngs, while Karunaratne reached 1000 in his 23rd

Ashwin's bunny


Number of times Ashwin has dismissed Thirimanne in all international cricket, his highest against any batsman (6 times in ODIs, 5 in Tests and 1 in T20Is)