Player of the Match
Player of the Match

11.25 pm: Rajasthan have annihilated Delhi. The margin is a whopping 105 runs. Rajasthan pummeled them with the bat, scoring 192 and then routed them for 87 in only the 17th over. Rajasthan were in the in-form team going into this match and they brushed aside Delhi with ease.

Smith and Asnodkar got them off to a cracking start and then Watson and Yusuf provided the big hits towards the middle and the end of the innings. Delhi's chase hinged on Sehwag and Gambhir but Watson's opening spell, during which he picked up Delhi's top three, finished the game as a contest. Warne was a treat to watch, he was turning the ball square and the batsmen had no clue how to counter him.

The only blot on Rajasthan's victory was the injury to Smith, who strained his hamstring while running. I wonder if he will be fit enough for the final.

"Its a terrible way to go out for Delhi! Even Bangalore might have done a better job here at bowing out!" says Vaidya. The 105-run margin is the second highest in the IPL.

Sehwag: "I think Rajasthan played well and beat us in all departments. I thought 160-170 was easily achievable but Waston, Smith and Pathan took the target beyond that. We didn't get good start, if Gautam and I had played a little longer it might have been different."

Warne: "We asked the guys for a big effort today. Congratulations to Delhi and to McGrath, copping one on the finger in the end. But congratulations to our guys. The IPL is important to everyone of our players. We didn't need to say anything, everyone was up for it. There's always room for improvement. We could have got 10-15 more runs."

The Man of the Match is a no brainer, Shane Watson for his 52 off 29 balls and his spell of 3 for 10 off three overs.

Rajasthan Royals will wait for the result of tomorrow's semi-final between Punjab and Chennai to know who they will face on Sunday. Siddhartha Vaidyanathan will bring you that match, it begins at 8.00 pm local time. For now, this is George Binoy signing off. Cheers.

Jadeja to Mohammad Asif, OUT, a bizarre run out it's all over, Rajasthan are in the finals! Asif worked the ball off his pads towards short fine leg, McGrath had run a long way down the pitch and the fielder threw the ball towards the bowlers end, McGrath made his ground and the ball was backed up by Yusuf, he saw that Asif was taking it easy at the striker's end and had wandered out of his crease, Yusuf fired the throw in to Rawat who calmly broke the stumps with Asif just short of his crease

Mohammad Asif run out (Pathan/†Rawat) 3 (5b 0x4 0x6) SR: 60.00

Jadeja is the bowler.

16 | 5 Runs 1 Wkt | DD: 87/9 (106 runs required from 24 balls, RR: 5.43, RRR: 26.50)

  • GD McGrath4 (3b)
  • Mohammad Asif3 (4b)
  • MM Patel4-0-17-3
  • SK Warne4-0-21-2
Patel to McGrath, no run, another short ball this time outside off, McGrath lets it go easily and then walks down the pitch towards Munaf, can't really make put what he's saying
Patel to McGrath, no run, Munaf pins McGrath on to the back foot with a short ball, he defends on the back foot rather awkwardly, Warne's smiling, McGrath got hit on the glove and is in a bit of pain
Patel to McGrath, FOUR runs, he's scored! McGrath fends at a short of a length ball and gets an edge on it, the ball runs past the keeper towards the fine leg boundary

McGrath has faced two balls in the tournament and is yet to score.

Patel to Mohammad Asif, 1 run, Asif gets an inside edge past the stumps for single

McGrath is the last man.

Patel to Mahesh, OUT, the ninth falls! Yomahesh takes a walk down and tries to hook a short ball from Munaf, he misses and the ball smacks into his shoulder and lobs up towards Rawat who takes the catch, Rajasthan appeal and Rudi nods after a delay, he isn't sure initially but then tentatively raises the finger

VY Mahesh c †Rawat b Patel 3 (10b 0x4 0x6) SR: 30.00

Patel to Mahesh, no run, banged in short outside off stump, Yomahesh moves back and fends but gets beaten

15 | 3 Runs | DD: 82/8 (111 runs required from 30 balls, RR: 5.46, RRR: 22.20)

  • VY Mahesh3 (8b)
  • Mohammad Asif2 (3b)
  • SK Warne4-0-21-2
  • MM Patel3-0-12-2
Warne to Mahesh, 1 run, bowled flat and straight on middle and off, Yomahesh moves back and works the ball towards midwicket
Warne to Mahesh, no run, this is the huge legbreak, the batsman has no idea what's going on, Yomahesh gets beaten on the cut
Warne to Mahesh, no run, Warne fires in the googly flat and straight, Yomahesh moves back and defends back to the bowler
Warne to Mohammad Asif, 1 run, Warne tosses it up full outside off stump, Asif reaches out and jams his bat down at it, the ball runs past short third man
Warne to Mahesh, 1 run, Yomahesh leans forward and pushes the ball towards midwicket for one
Warne to Mahesh, no run, Warne bowls a flat ball on off stump and rips it away from the right-hander, Yomahesh tries to cut but gets beaten

14 | 2 Runs 1 Wkt | DD: 79/8 (114 runs required from 36 balls, RR: 5.64, RRR: 19.00)

  • VY Mahesh1 (3b)
  • Mohammad Asif1 (2b)
  • MM Patel3-0-12-2
  • SK Warne3-0-18-2
Patel to Mahesh, 1 run, good length delivery angling into middle and leg, worked off the pads behind square
Patel to Mahesh, no run, defended once again back to the bowler

Warne's urging his team-mates on. He wants this over asap. Maybe he's got a poker game later on.

Patel to Mahesh, no run, tight line and length outside off, Yomahesh defends off the front foot towards the bowler
Patel to Mohammad Asif, 1 run, played towards point once again, for a single this time

"Cricinfo, for those of us who can't watch the match please tell how the crowd is doing? Who are they supporting more?" asks Tushar. There's just having a good time, supporting six and wicket alike.

Patel to Mohammad Asif, no run, he gets a sharp short ball first up, Asif jumps on the back foot and pushes towards point

This is a meek surrender indeed from Delhi. Asif is the new batsman.

Patel to Mishra, OUT, bowled him! Munaf pitches the ball on a good length and cuts the ball into the right-hander, Mishra tries to work the ball off his pads but it's a feeble attempt, the ball thuds into his pads and hits the stumps off the rebound

A Mishra b Patel 2 (5b 0x4 0x6) SR: 40.00

13 | 2 Runs 2 Wkts | DD: 77/7 (116 runs required from 42 balls, RR: 5.92, RRR: 16.57)

  • A Mishra2 (4b)
  • VY Mahesh0 (0b)
  • SK Warne3-0-18-2
  • SK Trivedi3-0-20-1
Warne to Mishra, 1 run, the batsman comes forward and tries to close the face to play the ball on the leg side, he gets a leading edge towards the off
Warne to Dilshan, OUT, caught! Dilshan's fall is surely the end of Delhi's slim chances, Warne loops the ball outside leg stump and spins the ball across the right-hander, Dilshan gets down on one knee and tries to slog sweep, he gets a top edge that flies to fine leg where Tanvir runs forward and catches it

TM Dilshan c Sohail Tanvir b Warne 33 (22b 5x4 1x6) SR: 150.00

Warne to Mishra, 1 run, played off the pads behind square on the leg side
Warne to Mishra, no run, whoa! Warne's playing mind games here, he pitched the ball outside leg stump and turned the ball square across the right-hander, Mishra went on the back foot and watched helplessly
Warne to Mishra, no run, Mishra tries to whack the ball over cover but gets beaten by the big-spinning leg break

Amit Mishra is the new batsman. Slip and a gully in place.

Warne to Maharoof, OUT, caught! Warne's got rid of Maharoof! He cleared his front foot out of the way and tried to loft the legbreak against the spin over midwicket, he didn't hit it well enough and Yusuf Pathan settled under the skier at deep midwicket, Maharoof hit 26 runs off an over from Warne in their last match but Warne got the better of him today

MF Maharoof c Pathan b Warne 6 (6b 1x4 0x6) SR: 100.00

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Daredevils 2nd innings Partnerships

1st10G GambhirV Sehwag
2nd13G GambhirS Dhawan
3rd1S DhawanMK Tiwary
4th4TM DilshanMK Tiwary
5th27TM DilshanKD Karthik
6th20TM DilshanMF Maharoof
7th1TM DilshanA Mishra
8th1A MishraVY Mahesh
9th5Mohammad AsifVY Mahesh
10th5GD McGrathMohammad Asif