20 | 8 Runs | CC&C: 180/5 (1 run required, RR: 9.00)

  • FL Reifer26 (16b)
  • RA Wiggins39 (21b)
  • SJ Benn4-1-30-0

One over eliminator coming up Kemar Roach will bowl the over for Barbados. Wiggins to face

Ball 1; Drives to long-off for a single

Ball 2; Short and hooked away over square-leg for a six

Ball 3; drives it to sweeper cover for a couple

Ball 4; Reifer drives it past the diving mid-off fielder for a boundary

Ball 5; Reifer drives it to mid-off for a single

Ball 6; Wiggins lofts it away but the fielder at midwicket drops it and they run two

So CCC have scored 16 runs and Barbados need 17 to win it

Moore to bowl the over for CCC and Richards and Smith it will be to open the batting

Ball 1 ; Dale Richards lofts it into the hands of Wiggins and they can only lose one more wicket

Ball 2; Gets a single does Smith

Ball 3; Slogs it to deep midwicket for a single

Ball 4; The drama continues as Smith gets a top edge over fine-leg for a six

Ball 5; Pushes it to deep midwicket and runs across for a couple

Ball 6; Currency what have you done? He takes the catch at backward square-leg and steps over the ropes and gives Barbados the win. Barbados win by the virtue of scoring more sixes in both the innings put together

Benn to Reifer, FOUR, after all the superb effort in the over, Benn bowls a full-toss and Reifer pulls it away to midwicket where poor fielding gives away a boundary
Benn to Wiggins, 1 run, off the inside edge to square-leg for a single

Comb C&C 2nd innings Partnerships

1st80RK CurrencyMC Bascombe
2nd1RK CurrencyCAK Walton
3rd8RK CurrencyBBB Yearwood
4th20RK CurrencyN Parris
5th11FL ReiferRK Currency
6th60FL ReiferRA Wiggins
  • Barbados win eliminator after tie

    Barbados won the one-over eliminator after tie. Both teams were tied at the end of 20 overs and both were tied at 16-runs apiece at the end of the eliminator as well but Barbados clinched it because they had more number of boundaries in the entire contest