5.4 there's the breakthrough! A bit of seam movement and extra bounce. Chose the wrong ball to flick through leg, and took a leading edge straight to point. A fine innings cut short by the wrong shot at the wrong time 40/1
    15.4 picks the bones out of that but picks out Maxwell at point. The party is over. The ball deviates a wee bit from length, it seemed as if Ronchi wanted to hit it to the right of point, but ended up slicing it instead because of the minute deviation off the deck. Relief for Australia 117/2
    39.1 wide of off stump, tapped down the ground, and is going to be a run-out at the non-strikers' end. Yes, it is! Williamson was stranded as Cummins gathered and unleashed from a yard out, and that's the end of a fantastic innings 254/4
    33.5 there's the wicket! A cross-seam delivery, pace off the ball, Taylor climbs into an ambitious yahoo, but that is a spiralling top-edge, easily pocketed in the covers 216/3
    40.1 hoisted high and hard, but only as far as Glenn Maxwell on the midwicket rope! Broom is heading back to the cupboard, and New Zealand are in danger of dribbling to a sub-300 total 257/5
    42.2 stand and deliver... deliver it straight to mid-on. Not the shot the circumstances required. New Zealand are sinking badly in the slog overs. They might struggle to use their full allocation at this rate 270/7
    41.5 another ambitious wipe, but this time it's simply spanged high into the off side. Who wants it? No-one really, but Henriques is the closest at backward point, clinging onto a steepler inches from the turf as he just about judges it in time! 267/6
    44.4 drilled into the covers, Smith reaches high, and Hazlewood has a five-for with his second in a row! 291/9
    44.3 another supreme connection, but straight to Maxwell on the rope! He utterly smoked that pull, but some you win, some you lose 291/8
    not out
    44.6 edged and gone! Hazlewood wraps up the innings with 6 for 52, a perfect Test-match line and length, kissing the edge of the No.11. What a regrouping from Australia. They'll be firm favourites when the chase gets underway shortly 291/10
    7 (lb 4, w 3)
    291 all out (45 Overs, RR: 6.46)
    Fall of wickets: 1-40 (MJ Guptill, 5.4 ov), 2-117 (L Ronchi, 15.4 ov), 3-216 (LRPL Taylor, 33.5 ov), 4-254 (KS Williamson, 39.1 ov), 5-257 (NT Broom, 40.1 ov), 6-267 (CJ Anderson, 41.5 ov), 7-270 (JDS Neesham, 42.2 ov), 8-291 (AF Milne, 44.3 ov), 9-291 (MJ Santner, 44.4 ov), 10-291 (TA Boult, 44.6 ov)
    MA Starc905205.77266020
    JR Hazlewood905265.77318010
    PJ Cummins906717.44266400
    JW Hastings906927.66218200
    TM Head402205.50111100
    MC Henriques502505.00153000
    Australia Team
    DA WarnerBatsman
    AJ FinchBatsman
    SPD Smith (c)Batsman
    MC HenriquesAllrounder
    GJ MaxwellAllrounder
    TM HeadBatsman
    MS Wade †Wicketkeeper
    JW HastingsAllrounder
    MA StarcBowler
    PJ CumminsBowler
    JR HazlewoodBowler

Match Notes

Kane's best


Previous highest score for Williamson in ODIs against Australia, which came in Canberra in December 2016.

Once again


Runs added by Williamson and Taylor as a pair in their last 4 ODI outings in England, including today. Their stands - 121, 206, 101, 99.

One to improve


Kane Williamson's average in ODIs against Aus, his second-lowest among full-member teams. In 11 innings, before today, he has scored only 2 fifties v Aus.

After a long time


No. of consecutive ODI inns without a fifty for Ronchi, before scoring one today. His last such score was 170* against SL in Dunedin in June 2015.

Good toss to lose?


Win-loss record of toss winning teams at Edgbaston in the last 5 completed ODIs. The only win was by India in the 2013 Champions Trophy final.

Australia's dominance


Last time Aus lost to NZ in a neutral ODI, in the 1999 World Cup. Overall, Aus have a 17-1 win-loss record v NZ in 19 neutral ODIs.

ICC Champions Trophy (ICC KnockOut)

Group A
Group B