3.5 Amla walks, Yadav gets one right, good length outside off stump, Amla pushes outside the line, and Dhoni takes the inside edge, this time it helped Yadav that it didn't swing 31/2
    2.1 Raina takes the thick edge at second slip, Bhuvneshwar's struck with the new ball, angled across on a good length, Ingram tries to punch from the crease and Raina snaps it up low 13/1
    24.3 Jadeja with the breakthrough, super stuff in the field, this was a sharp whip by Peterson, the kind that you hit and immediately start running, but Jadeja dived to his left and stopped it at midwicket, fired in the throw on the bounce to Dhoni, Peterson was too far out to return 155/3
    31.4 oh dear, AB's thrown it away, he's charged out and had a heave at a pacy short ball from Yadav, it was angled in as well and AB had no room at all, the top edge has been taken at forward square leg by you-know-who 184/5
    30.4 Duminy goes for a review, he's been given lbw by umpire Gould, straightish delivery on the stumps, Duminy was looking to work it to leg but missed, slight turn to hit him in front of middle, that is hitting middle and leg, and it is Jadeja once again 182/4
    37.3 that is it, Faf's made room and mistimed the loft down the ground, Raina's settled under it at mid off and taken a head-high catch safely 238/7
    32.5 suicide, South Africa style, the batsmen have a conversation now, presumably about which of them has to walk back, Miller taps Faf on the shoulder and gets going on his way, sold a dummy by his partner, without facing a ball, Faf had worked it square on leg, but slipped while turning back for the second, he put a hand up belatedly to Miller, who had by then reached within shoulder-tapping distance, the throw came in to the bowler who threw it to the keeper and then the batsmen conferred 188/6
    not out
    39.5 Kleinveldt heaves at this short and wide one, another top edge and Dhoni takes it this time 251/8
    42.5 Tsotsobe misses the slog-sweep and loses his off stump 257/9
    49.6 Bhuvneshwar ends the game with another one in the blockhole, and hits the stumps as Morkel misses 305/10
    9 (lb 1, nb 1, w 7)
    305 all out (50 Overs, RR: 6.10)
    Fall of wickets: 1-13 (CA Ingram, 2.1 ov), 2-31 (HM Amla, 3.5 ov), 3-155 (RJ Peterson, 24.3 ov), 4-182 (JP Duminy, 30.4 ov), 5-184 (AB de Villiers, 31.4 ov), 6-188 (DA Miller, 32.5 ov), 7-238 (F du Plessis, 37.3 ov), 8-251 (RK Kleinveldt, 39.5 ov), 9-257 (LL Tsotsobe, 42.5 ov), 10-305 (M Morkel, 49.6 ov)
    B Kumar7.004927.00176001
    UT Yadav10.007527.502612020
    I Sharma8.006628.25209120
    R Ashwin10.004704.70263020
    RA Jadeja9.013123.44312000
    SK Raina6.003606.00153010

Match Notes