18.4 down the wicket, Cook slaps it back to the bowler and this time McNath holds on, waits for the chance to give himself a wicket and finally, at the fourth time of asking, holds the catch at waist height, Cook didn't get to the pitch of the ball and slapped it back in the air and McCullum finally held a chance, top knock from Cook 141/4
    2.1 length ball on off stump, Bell steps away and slaps hard to short extra cover who holds on to a blinding catch with two hands at his right shoulder, a very sharp take, that was hammered by Bell off the meat of the bat but he got it straight at Brendon McCullum who's clung on very well indeed there 16/1
    3.2 full on the stumps, clipped straight to short midwicket and this time it's Nathan McCullum that's held the chance, this one far simpler than his sibling, taken with two hands around stomach height. It was in the slot for Trott to clip away thorough the on-side but he got across his stumps a little too much and couldn't keep the stroke down 25/2
    14.2 step to leg, goes to swing over the leg side, he's late on the stroke and pulls straight up in the air and Ronchi takes an easy catch running out a little way towards square leg, Root got into an awkward position trying to pull a ball that was onto him a little quicker than he might have thought, may have bounced a little more too and put it straight up 100/3
    19.4 swept hard and misses, this time it's fuller and given out lbw that looked pretty adjacent and the finger went up pretty quickly. Quicker ball from Vettori and Morgan missed it, not in the best of form this season is Morgan, struggled to time much today and perishes swinging and missing 143/5
    21.3 length ball, slower, 69mph, slapped to long off, McNath again! And he holds on just inside the boundary, Buttler got it low on the bat and it was so badly mistimed, presented a simple chance for the fielder, tried to clear the front leg but just didn't get it at all right 159/6
    22.4 slugged straight up in the air and taken at square leg. It was a decent bumper, too quickly onto Bopara's hook, it went up and Williamson held the chance comfortably at square leg, really good bowling this from McClenaghan, banged it in and Bopara got it high on the bat to present another easy chance to the outfielders 166/7
    22.6 paddled down to long leg, there's a fumble from Franklin so they come back for the second and Franklin then hits direct from long leg as Bresnan, diving back, is well short of his ground 169/8
    23.2 another high fly ball and who else, Nathan McCullum taking the catch! It was a short ball, Broad was late on the hook, tried to slap it down the ground but put it straight up and another simple chance falls into the ring and McNath is the man today, three drops but four catches so now into the positive 169/9
    23.3 back of a length just outside off, guided down to third man and the fielder gets in quickly and takes a sliding catch a very smart grab that and England are all out. Tredwell just tried to use the pace and steer it down fine, made a good connection but these short boundaries mean third man is quite close and was able to rush in and take that catch 169/10
    7 (w 4, nb 1, lb 2)
    169 all out (23.3 Overs, RR: 7.19)
    MJ McClenaghan5.003637.20200
    KD Mills4.303046.66510
    CJ Anderson1.00404.00400
    DL Vettori5.002715.40510
    JEC Franklin2.0020010.00201
    NL McCullum4.003017.50301
    KS Williamson2.0020010.00111
    Fall of wickets:1-16 (IR Bell, 2.1 ov), 2-25 (IJL Trott, 3.2 ov), 3-100 (JE Root, 14.2 ov), 4-141 (AN Cook, 18.4 ov), 5-143 (EJG Morgan, 19.4 ov), 6-159 (JC Buttler, 21.3 ov), 7-166 (RS Bopara, 22.4 ov), 8-169 (TT Bresnan, 22.6 ov), 9-169 (SCJ Broad, 23.2 ov), 10-169 (JC Tredwell, 23.3 ov)
    3.6 played on, Anderson has another! This maybe kept a touch low, pitched up in the channel outside off and Guptill defended away from his front pad with an angled bat, clipped the edge and cannoned back on to the stumps! Ronchi they may have been ambivalent about but England are ecstatic at this wicket 14/2
    3.4 another mistimed slog from Ronchi and Trott takes the catch at third man to put him out of his misery! This was coming down the track all the way from San Antonio - a length ball, hacking across the line and a thick edge bagged on the rope 14/1
    21.2 full and fast, tries to go big but it spoons into the air and Anderson takes it at cover - but they check for the no-ball. It's so close, just a few atoms of rubber in it but Steve Davis in the third umpire's chair decides it's okay and Williamson trudges off to muted applause! 135/6
    6.6 seaming in and rapped on the pad, Oxenford gives it after a few seconds' thought - but Taylor immediately reviews. He was struck on the back leg, on the thigh as he was coming forward - Hot Spot shows no inside edge ... and the decision stands, Taylor is out! It was in line with off, thudding into the off ball. New Zealand are three down and they've lost their review 27/3
    11.4 on the stumps, hooked fiercely to deep square leg and Root takes a fabulous catch diving forward! Big wicket for England, thanks to a terrific bit of fielding - McCullum didn't quite get it out of the meat of the bat, maybe a slightly slower delivery, it was dying on Root as he lined it up and then plunged forward to complete the dismissal 48/4
    13.5 sliced off the outside edge and taken at backward point! Another wicket falls - is this good or bad for England?! Bopara skidded one across Franklin, who swished loosely at it, flew quickly off the bat but straight into the safe mitts of Morgan, he throws the ball high into the air in celebration! 62/5
    22.2 full and straight, slogged down the ground and taken at long-on! Anderson catches his namesake and Bresnan claims the wicket, decent hit but straight at one of England's best fielders. The fat lady is taking a sip of water 140/7
    23.6 line and length, swings and nicks off, Anderson finishes with a wicket! Too good for McCullum and just too much to do for New Zealand - a 10-run win means England are through to the semi-finals 159/8
    not out
    16 (w 8, lb 8)
    159/8 (24 Overs, RR: 6.62)
    SCJ Broad5.002515.00410
    JM Anderson5.003236.40221
    TT Bresnan5.004128.20221
    RS Bopara5.002625.20410
    JC Tredwell4.002706.75311
    Fall of wickets:1-14 (L Ronchi, 3.4 ov), 2-14 (MJ Guptill, 3.6 ov), 3-27 (LRPL Taylor, 6.6 ov), 4-48 (BB McCullum, 11.4 ov), 5-62 (JEC Franklin, 13.5 ov), 6-135 (KS Williamson, 21.2 ov), 7-140 (CJ Anderson, 22.2 ov), 8-159 (NL McCullum, 23.6 ov)

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