Player of the Match
Player of the Match

50 | 10 Runs | WI: 289/9 (68 runs required, RR: 5.78)

  • CD Collymore12 (12b)
  • DBL Powell48 (36b)
  • GC Smith5-0-56-2
  • AJ Hall9-0-49-0

South Africa now have six points, they're fourth in the table and it means West Indies are all-but-out of it and they will need South Africa to lose both matches.

Thanks very much for joining us today, I hope you come back tomorrow where it will be Will and I once more as we follow the fortunes of Bangladesh and England.

Smith to Collymore, SIX runs, he bashes that one straight, down on one knee, and finishes yet another match with a six.
Smith to Powell, 1 run, driven out to long-off and they stay for the single. Ah, so near...

So the final contest of the day will be: can Powell get his fifty? That's Powell, whose previous highest in this form was 6. Not bad whatever happens.

Smith to Collymore, 1 run, prods and runs, giving him the strike back.

West Indies 2nd innings Partnerships

1st5S ChanderpaulCH Gayle
2nd60CH GayleDS Smith
3rd4BC LaraCH Gayle
4th50BC LaraRR Sarwan
5th23RR SarwanDJ Bravo
6th27RR SarwanKA Pollard
7th12RR SarwanD Ramdin
8th32RR SarwanIDR Bradshaw
9th41IDR BradshawDBL Powell
10th35CD CollymoreDBL Powell