Player of the Match
Player of the Match

45 | 7 Runs 1 Wkt | IRE: 210/10 (202 runs required from 30 balls, RR: 4.66, RRR: 40.40)

  • AR McBrine2 (4b)
  • M Morkel9-0-34-3
  • KJ Abbott8-0-21-4

That's all from us.Before we leave you, here is a reminder of net run rates as they stand now. Thanks for joining us. Cheers

Net run rates
West Indies -0.313
Ireland -1.137
Pakistan -1.373

"Difficult evening," says William Porterfield. "They played well. We had an early breakthrough, we wanted more, but once the lads got in they were difficult to get out. You have got to take your chances. It was a very good pitch. The lads tried to squeeze as much as possible. Four down coming out to 10 overs, they bowled very well. All credit to the lower order. Every game is a big game. The one against Zimbabwe is a big one."

"Good game today," says AB de Villiers. "Very happy with the performance. The nice thing was we did it our way. We are not following any other strategy, we are doing it our way. We want to keep on scoring centuries. It helps set us up for the last few overs. Incredible. Hash. he will always be the rock for us. Effortlessly plays with a lot of class. Whatever you do he always has the answer. Very impressed with the bowlers. They were very motivated. Combination will depend on match-by-match basis. You always want your top six, top seven in form. Six, seven, eight win you a lot of games. We will see how we go [on the bowling]. I enjoyed it, yes [being called one bouncer for the bouncer]. It was my slower bouncer, actually."

"Fortunately we got off to a good starts," says Hashim Amla, the Man of the Match. "Myself and Faf got going, and then I started to play some shots. We had wickets in hand so we could have a go. Thankfully it came off. It was a good wicket and fortunately we got some runs. Always good to post a win. Any hundred is a hundred. Glad to get some runs. Doesn't matter how long it takes. We bowled exceptionally well. Glad that edge stuck under the armpit."

Only the second time that a side has registered consecutive 200-run wins. And the first time a side has posted back-to-back 400s. Another powerful performance. From the moment Joyce dropped Amla early on, this has gone downhill for Ireland. At one point both Amla and du Plessis looked like they could score double hundreds. Neither of them could but South Africa were still authoritative with the bat. An opening burst from their attacking bowlers killed the game off after which South Africa went on an experimenting spree

Morkel to Dockrell, OUT, finally it is over. He hits the top of off as Dockrell makes room to try to hit him over cover. Dockrell is expecting another ball in the ribs, but Morkel has gone straight and full

GH Dockrell b Morkel 25 (61m 57b 1x4 1x6) SR: 43.85

Morkel to Dockrell, 2 runs, makes room too take this from outside leg, places it wide of slip

Over the wicket

Morkel to Dockrell, no run, looks for a yorker, middle and leg, dug out to square leg

Dockrell has shown great application and courage here. These few late runs could be the difference in the eventual net run rate

Morkel to Dockrell, no run, short of a length, just outside off, left alone

James: "Dockrell's best ODI score now. And against a top quality attack."

Morkel to Dockrell, 1 wide, wide down the leg side
Morkel to Dockrell, FOUR runs, again into the hip, and he makes room to pull this over the leg-side field. Not many sweeping the boundary when you have slips and short leg in
Morkel to Dockrell, no run, into the rib from round the wicket, drops it down safely

44 | 3 Runs | IRE: 203/9 (209 runs required from 36 balls, RR: 4.61, RRR: 34.83)

  • AR McBrine2 (4b)
  • GH Dockrell19 (51b)
  • KJ Abbott8-0-21-4
  • M Morkel8-0-27-2
Abbott to McBrine, no run, drives at a length ball but fails to get an edge

Four slips and a gully now

Abbott to McBrine, 2 runs, wide length ball, driven past those catching men for two

Two slips and two gullies

Abbott to McBrine, no run, short of a length, pitched outside leg, defended in front of off
Abbott to McBrine, no run, length ball angled across him, beats the edge as he looks to cut

No. 11 on strike. Abbott gets four balls at him. Can he get his five-for?

Abbott to Dockrell, 1 run, short of a length, on off, opens the face, gets a single
Abbott to Dockrell, no run, on a length, headed for top of off, defended back to him

McBrine is the last man in. Abbott is on now. He can still get five

43 | 1 Run 1 Wkt | IRE: 200/9 (212 runs required from 42 balls, RR: 4.65, RRR: 30.28)

  • GH Dockrell18 (49b)
  • M Morkel8-0-27-2
  • Imran Tahir10-1-50-0
Morkel to Sorensen, OUT, ouch. This is at his hip, Sorensen has nowhere to go, he looks away throws his hands in defence. Off the bat handle it goes for an easy catch to the keeper

MC Sorensen c †de Kock b Morkel 22 (31m 19b 3x4 1x6) SR: 115.78

Morkel to Dockrell, 1 run, but Morkel pitches it up, and is clipped away for a single to bring up the 200

Short leg coming up. Afrikaans chat flying. At his hip

Morkel to Dockrell, no run, bouncer, beats his top edge as Dockrell looks to upper-cut

Goes round the wicket

Morkel to Dockrell, no run, short of a length, outside off, hits the inside half on the bat
Morkel to Dockrell, no run, short of a length, on off, defended to cover
Morkel to Dockrell, no run, short of a length, on off, defended from the crease

42 | 13 Runs | IRE: 199/8 (213 runs required from 48 balls, RR: 4.73, RRR: 26.62)

  • GH Dockrell17 (44b)
  • MC Sorensen22 (18b)
  • Imran Tahir10-1-50-0
  • M Morkel7-0-26-1
Imran Tahir to Dockrell, 1 run, down the wicket to drive this to long-off for one
Imran Tahir to Sorensen, 1 run, flat, into the pads, worked past midwicket for one
Imran Tahir to Sorensen, SIX runs, huge. Tahir is getting some stick here. Tossed up outside off, Sorense clears his front leg, and smashes this down the ground again
Imran Tahir to Sorensen, FOUR runs, wide half-volley, absolutely smashed past the right ear of the umpire for a four
Imran Tahir to Dockrell, 1 run, down the wicket to chip this legbreak over cover for one
Imran Tahir to Dockrell, no run, short of a length, cut away, but straight to 12th man Phangiso at cover
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Size does matter, Win Big


Number of World Cup wins for South Africa by a margin of 200 runs or more, the most for any team.

Out of form Umpires


Number of decisions that have been overturned using the DRS this game, the most in a single game this World Cup.

Going Ballistic


Average score in the last 10 overs for teams batting first in the 2015 World Cups.

Striking Early


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